Does anyone want any old JW literature?Like reeeeally old...

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  • Aaron Eldridge
    Aaron Eldridge

    Do you have any Golden Age?

  • ziddina
    "especially the Russell era stuff like Studies in the scriptures, Daily Heavenly Manna, Photo Drama, etc. which go from $100 to over $200 each...." Ohio Cowboy

    Very true - I've seen the "PhotoDrama of Creation" listed online for well over $1,000 - but...

    I've succeeded in getting the "PhotoDrama" book for $15. It was quite a score...

    Prices vary wildly. I've purchased my books from Borders [now defunct], AbeBooks, and Albris. Sometimes a person can pick up real finds at thrift stores, but I prefer the better-organized online used-books outlets.

    I'd like to have a copy of that July 2009 Awake magazine - and copies of the "apostates are mentally diseased" watchtowers. Unfortunately, I didn't save pdfs of those magazines when they were up on the Watchtower website, but knowing the Watchtower Gov.Bod boys...

    There'll be more wacky, weird stuff coming out, any day now - besides the "Sparlock" dvd, that is...

  • Diest

    Have someone else run the auction, you do the shipping and split it 50 50 with the person.....Little hastle and plety of dough for you.

  • dreamgolfer

    i just PM'd you

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