Does anyone want any old JW literature?Like reeeeally old...

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  • aquagirl

    Selling my mums house.My dad was an elder for like 30 years.He had copies of every JW publication ever.Multiple copies of some of this stuff.Im ready to burn it in a bonfire,but it occurred to me that it might be valuable in like,research,orlaw suits or such?If anyone wants anything in particular,let me know,if I have it,its yours!Just pay the shipping fee{el cheapo book rate}..I noticed every Yearbook, and also the bound volumns of the Wathctower and Awake,all the way back to the middle of last century.Let me know,if not,there will be a large bonfire in early September...hehhehheh

  • Paralipomenon

    there's one I'm after, sending you a PM

  • aquagirl

    Got yer pm and sent one back.I have it!!!Its yours...

  • GeneM

    Cedars seems the type that might be after a few choice items.

  • Christiana
  • ScenicViewer

    Aquagirl, I sent you a PM.

  • ohiocowboy

    Aquagirl, a lot of the pre 1950's stuff can be worth a LOT of money, especially the Russell era stuff like Studies in the scriptures, Daily Heavenly Manna, Photo Drama, etc. which go from $100 to over $200 each. Some Rutherford era books are also worth well over $100 each, such as Comfort for the Jews, etc. There is also a book called faith on the march from 1957 by McMillan which regularly goes for over $100. Early Watchtowers, before 1925 go for anywhere from $25 to $80 each, and the really early ones from the 1880's can go for over $1000 each, depending on the issue. An issue of the very first July 1879 Watchtower sold for almost $12,000 dollars on Ebay not too long ago!

    Pre 1940's yearbooks are worth anywhere from $50-$100+ each. The earlier, the more valuable.

    There is a book that I have called the three worlds that was published in 1877 that is worth a lot for an original copy, but not sure how much. I don't know what to do with yet. It is a really neat book co written by Russell and Barbour.

    Even old convention brochures are worth money. The more unusual, the more it will be worth.

    Anything pre 1940's I would love to have for my library (NOT to resell like some do), and i would be more than happy to pay for some of the items. If you want you can PM me if you want to sell any of the earlier stuff.

    The last fairly complete whole Libary I saw on Ebay sold for over $30,000. Of course it did not include every book made, but had many really early items in good condition. The person selling it had put a Buy it now price and it sold quickly. Had it gone to full auction, it would have gone for more. The more complete the library the more it will be worth.

    Look on Ebay first though, you will see how much the early items sell for!!!

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    Ditto what Ohio Cowboy said. I've made hundreds of dollars buying old literature when I see it at estate sales and reselling on ebay. There's a double market for it, JWs trying to build a library and ex-JWs looking for evidence of flip flops, etc. It's easy money.

  • ohiocowboy

    Hemp, Good for you! I can't believe how much the literature is going for! It makes it really hard for us who are trying to build libraries though. Fortunately I have bought some at sales, etc. Any that I get i won't sell because of the rarity. If I get any extras that I don't want, I will gift to you so you can make some extra $$$ for yourself!

    I even have a 1920's Graflex Camera that has the old IBSA Labels on it. Evidently it was used by the society to take pictures of the conventions, etc. Instead of a roll of film, it takes individual film sheets, and it has a leather type cloth thing that unfolds at the top to look down into to take the pictures! I will probably sell that one day though, but the literature is for keeps!

    Even the phonographs from the 1930's and 40's go for anywhere from $350-400, and the individual phonograph records go anywhere from $25-$60 each depending on playability. The huge 16" sound car records though go for $300 plus!

  • aquagirl

    Wow,see,my experiance with Ebay and JW literature was not so great.I had some old books listed and they would get bidded up high and then the auction would end,then nothing! Yeah,you can give them a negative,but after 5 or 6 times,I just got tired of it...ill pass it to you folks,Ill get a more comprehensive list tomorrow.You guys rock,thanks so much!

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