Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

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  • Quendi

    I visited England and Ireland in 2002 as a graduation gift to myself for getting my degree from the University of Colorado. I've always been somewhat of an Anglophile and a great fan and admirer of Queen Elizabeth II. So while I haven't been watching the festivities connected with the Jubilee, I do heartily wish that my circumstances had allowed me to be there in person. I fell in love with London during my '02 visit and can't wait to return. I probably won't ever get to meet "Queeny", as I've always affectionately and respectfully called her, and I'm sure she doesn't feel deprived that way, but should I ever get the chance, I'll seize it with both hands. She's been the only Queen of England most of us have known, and she has done a marvelous job maintaining her own integrity during all these sixty years.


  • cofty

    It turns out that boat in the OP isn't the Royal Barge. Its a newly built boat called the Gloriana is being rowed by 18 rowers including Sir Steve Redgrave at the head of the flottila.

    The Royal Barge for the day is The Spirit of Chartwell that has been selected for the occasion and decked out in style.

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