Sparlock and a Selfish Organization

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  • metatron

    Take a moment and think of all the things that a young boy needs to be warned against:

    Playing with matches, gasoline or fireworks

    Experimenting with drugs

    In time, experimenting with sex

    Talking to strangers


    Hurting animals or other children



    Being careful around busy roads, parking lots or highways.

    Where does playing with a wizard doll even begin to make this list? Why that?

    Answer: This is an utterly self centered cult, with no depth of interest in children at all. Their only interest is in raising more loyal cult members and fantasies about magic might interfere with their proclaimed fantasies.



    Excellent point, metatron!

  • flipper

    METATRON- Exactly. Good points. I mean, come on - if I was a kid still I'd want to have a Sparlock plastic Wizard too . Pretty cool looking little toy !

    Hell, I'd like to have a Sparlock toy right now so I can set it up with all my Warner brothers antique bobbleheads and San Fransisco Giants bobblehead dolls too !

    But on a more serious note - it is so true that there are so many much more serious challenges for young people growing up with the list of issues you provided - yet the WT society is going to control them about a plastic toy ? It IS all about selfishness and control on the WT society's part indeed. If they can control the members from leaving it means more donations, inheritances, wills, nd estates for the WT society's bank account in the future as well. So, indeed, selfishness, ultimate control, and money is behind WT society motives. Pretty sick stuff

  • ctrwtf

    Chances are that if Caleb doesn't hate his parents for crushing his soul, he'll listen to them when they offer guidance on the more important topics facing kids today.

  • 00DAD

    "My Bible Lessons" - WT feature for infants 3 and Under

    For those that are interested in discussing the broader issues concerning the WT's agenda to indoctrinate children, particularly the very young, I created a related thread addressing the relatively new WT feature "My Bible Lessons". These two page "lessons" which appear in the Public version of the WT about every three months are specifically designed for infants "Age 3 and Under" and their parents.

    Caleb of Sparlock fame made his debut in the most recent MBL.

    "My Bible Lessons" - WT feature for infants 3 and Under

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    It just goes to show you how screwed up their views are.

    Don't teach them about strangers or being aware of anyone touching their no-no parts.

    No warn them about a fake plastic toy and then let them go out in service, alone, with some brother you don't even know.

  • WTWizard

    And since when did tracking dirt on the floor, mentioned early in the video, even begin to make the list? True, the floors were just cleaned. However, it takes about 15 seconds with a dust mop or a broom to fix the problem, not half an hour. Besides, since when is a little dirt on the floors such a disaster? The first time they let the dog or cat in, the floors will get just as dirty.

    Children these days need to be taught basic moral principles. First, it is not proper to lie, cheat, and steal. Then they should be taught to manage their money in a responsible way (which cannot be done if it all goes into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund boxes). They also need to be taught how to use the computer without downloading a virus or compromising their ID. I believe these things are more important than which toys to play with.

    And I can think of more dangerous toys to play with than a piece of plastic. First, I can't even bring in the Demons with a Ouija board and paraphenalia designed to do it on purpose (because of the fxxxing angels). On top of the fact that it's the angels, not Satan or the Demons, that are the real enemies (they just blame Satan and His Demons for their own attacks). You are more likely to get in trouble playing with firearms and fireworks, electrical toys (you can get zapped if you are not careful), matches and cigarette lighters, and other dangerous items than with a wizard toy. Also, playing with the computer, smart phone, and similar devices is more likely to invite disaster (usually big bills but also may include creating social network problems and downloading illegal material like kiddie porn) if not properly supervised. The Sparlock is harmless--what's the worst that can happen, making your true Friend Satan happy?

  • Jeffro
    First, I can't even bring in the Demons with a Ouija board and paraphenalia designed to do it on purpose (because of the fxxxing angels.

    Or, just maybe... because they aren't real?

    It's unsurprising that Hasbro's 'talking board' game isn't connecting you with 'the supernatural'.

  • Jeffro

    With all his indoctrination, by the time Caleb's a teenager, he'll probably look something like...

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Your threads are always awesome!

    Speaking of which, Jeffro, did you notice the size of Caleb's head when Dad picked him up (bigger than Dad's!)? Can't imagine that noggin stretching through the tee's dime-sized neck hole.

    Oh ... suspend disbelief ... suspend disbelief....


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