AJWRB---What Have They Done???

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  • minimus

    I'm not suggesting that the SITE is of no value. I am saying that you can ask almost any "typical" JW about blood from 1975 to the present and you will still here them say, "All I know is that Jehovah God doesn't want me to take blood". AJWRB hasn't changed that perspective at all.

    If they are double agents working as liasons in the hospital/blood arena, they, as a group have not changed what Witnesses believe about blood.

    When Zen, the AJWRB spokesman tells the Witnesses that it's ok to accept blood if you need it, it's laughable. NO JW would listen to him and simply accept this....unless they didn't believe the Watchtower's position from the onset.

    I always looked at AJWRB as a shadowy melting pot of elders, exjws and others trying to s l o w l y reform the Society. It doesn't work, in my opinion.

  • yknot


    Policy change is hard...

    Perspective change happens one JW at a time...

    Changing the perspective of a HLC member (non-AWJRB type) is huge since several stay in those positions and assist otherwise intentionally clueless JW get the medical care they need....

    The only time a JW thinks about the blood policy is when we renew our cards or worse when it is a medical need.....

    Obviously medical need creates sharper focus and that is when the AJWRB can help change what a Witness believes and why he/she believes it!

  • Refriedtruth

    Recently,hundreds of medical institutions,personnel and journalist have received PR workups.

    Critical mass will be achieved in the media get ready squirm Watchtower you will be held financially liable for thousands of deaths.

    Think the scale of RCC pedophile scandal of late 1990's

  • minimus

    Money issues could get the Society to rethink their position.

  • Shawn10538


    I’m glad you asked this question, even though I have a feeling it is not really a question so much as it is a criticism. But that’s OK too.

    I really can’t answer for AJWRB before I took it over last year. The goals of AJWRB have changed. I actually don’t know what the whole point of the organization was before I joined it. There was a minimal amount of activism as far as I can tell. Lot’s of informational activism. But as far as actually hitting the pavement, I don’t know how much of that was done.

    Right now, I can tell you that the goal of AJWRB is NOT to change anybody’s religion or beliefs. The present goal is plainly printed in large letters as soon as you log onto the site: SAVING LIVES. That’s it. I really don’t care about anything else.

    How to best save lives, is something you could help us with. Have you, for instance, completed AJWRB ACTION NUMBWER 1? Do you know what that is? If you are worried about the effectiveness and success of AJWRB, the best thing you could do is to JOIN US.

    Join the forum. You must email me at [email protected] to join the forum, or email me at [email protected], or call me at 562-257-7525. Once you do that, you can also, since I see you write quite a lot, 36,000 posts, maybe you can write us some material or do some research and I’ll post it on the site.

    Action number 1, is basically to donate blood, record the event, and mail in the “You’re Welcome Watchtower Card” that you can download from the site. Download the brochure and the card is on the back of the brochure.

    Calls from doctors are trickling in. I have received two calls from doctors in distress the last two weeks or so. I have given my recommendations, and am still waiting on news whether the JW was actually saved. That is my main goal. I feel our procedures for talking with JWs will isolate the “weak JWs” and get them to take a transfusion. I also recommended to the doctors to first try and get them to accept a blood fraction product, give them their transfusion bracelet and then point out that they have already received a blood transfusion, and that the doctor just wants them to accept this one more small blood fraction, red blood cells usually.

    In one case, a JW life was saved as a direct result of my suggestions to a doctor. Therefore, I consider what I am doing a success based on just ONE life being saved. It is all worth it now.

    As to whether this site can change the religious beliefs of JWs, well, it HAS done so, as many have already attested to, and then of course, there is myself who was also helped out of the organization as a result of doing research on blood and coming across the site, but that is not what I am concerned about. How many people have YOU personally helped out of the JW religion? Have YOU personally been responsible for the Watchtower changing a major doctrine? I don’t know if ANY one person or organization can make that claim.

    So, if you want AJWRB to be a success, then simply put your money where your mouth is and join us. Job done. Then YOU will have to answer that question and take responsibility for its success or failure. In the meantime, I have only a handful of people doing regular work for the cause. We could use more. Hundreds more. Thousands more. Once we have a decent couple of dozen people doing activism, holding blood donation events, then we can start meeting and looking at our results and methods as to whether they are working or not. But we are a long way from that. Mostly we need people with good ideas, and people who have time to volunteer. People who want to go out and hold face time with medical professionals.

    Have you spoken to your doctor about AJWRB? Have you distributed brochures? Also, I have four pages in the Free Minds Journal, the last three issues or so, and this four page insert may be used and distributed. To get ahold of them you will need to subscribe to the physical copies of the Free Minds Journal which costs 10 dollars a year, or something like that.

    So, join us and help us be successful is all I can say if you are concerned about what we have accomplished. AJWRB has a new direction now than it has had in the previous decade or so. But it still is largely an informational site. Though now I am pushing the activism of the site, and you know what it is like asking ex JWs to get out of their homes and volunteer. Like herding cats as some have said. Until I get more people on board, I am only one person so don’t expect miracles. I am not magic.

    But I do believe in the cause. It is worthy of our dedication. I wish more people felt the way I feel about it. It is the one way we can really say I love You to our old family and friends. Give them our blood! It is a beautiful gesture, and when many people see how beautiful it is they will not be able to hold themselves back form expressing their love in donating blood as activism. It is a totally new concept according to Dr. Fridey of the Red Cross. Nobody has ever come to the Red Cross with a group of people who want to donate blood AS ACTIVISM. It is a unique one of a kind idea, and ONLY YOU can make it a FAILURE.

    Call me, email me join me. As Harvey Milk was famous for saying, “I am here to recruit you.”

    Peace, Love and Zen

  • Shawn10538

    "When Zen, the AJWRB spokesman tells the Witnesses that it's ok to accept blood if you need it, it's laughable. NO JW would listen to him and simply accept this....unless they didn't believe the Watchtower's position from the onset."

    Minimus, look into my eyes as I speak in the video. Does it look like I am kidding? Just take a breath before you watch it again, and see if there is even a hint that I doubt the effect of my simple direct heartfelt words addressed directly to JWs.

    Notice, that I offer not a single bit of evidence or proof that taking blood to save your life is the right thing to do. Do you think that was an accident? No. I purposely offered not a smidgeon of support for my words. What does that say? What is the inference when someone simply lays it out like that? think about it. See of you can guess what my inference is. Post a reply to it here.

    If you can get the inference, then you will see how powerful it is when it is said just that way. watch it several times if you need. Then tell us what my point is.

  • Dogpatch

    Perhaps we can goad Zen into sharing with us what his interview with Dr Fridey and Rick Samangiego of the Red Cross headquarters in Pomona, Ca (our AJWRB video playlist on Youtube is at: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDF36F5BFDB9AFCC8&feature=view_all

    If you watch the videos, Minimus, you might find some surprising information.

    Keep in mind that our MAIN purpose is not to reach JWs so much as to:

    1. provide and educate the medical community on the WT's latest changes

    2. Hope fully set up our own HLC committees

    3. Be there for the JWs and families and friends of JWs who are in critical condition and need accurate understanding of what their options are. If they want no blood at all, we will aid them in what is acceptable for their faith. We are not there for controversy. So it's not going to read like freeminds or this board or others where there is all this anti-JW rhetoric on the front pages.

    and lastly, 4. for JWs who want to know more on the subject but who don't want to go to an obviously anti-JW site.

    It's not for:

    Those who want to read all the dirt they can on the subject, and how we are shooting the JWs down, you will likely just be disappointed, like Minimus. Or Harvey Weinstein.

    P.S. Minimus, we give away free mini-radios and pocket knives if you get bored.


  • Dogpatch

    Minimus says,

    When Zen, the AJWRB spokesman tells the Witnesses that it's ok to accept blood if you need it, it's laughable. NO JW would listen to him and simply accept this....unless they didn't believe the Watchtower's position from the onset.

    Yes, kind of like a pedophile asking if he sins, can he become an elder again some day? Yes, that is laughable Mini. You think they will tell him yes? The second layer (elders ands CO) will tell him "No!" but the third level always has the freedom to break their own laws, and do so with impunity. Read my "Unholy Trinity" article:


    I always looked at AJWRB as a shadowy melting pot of elders, exjws and others trying to s l o w l y reform the Society. It doesn't work, in my opinion.

    That's what it was, and that's why it DID work then (and still gets a LOT of traffic) but the same tactics no longer work as well in today's world. We need to be more honest and fair. AJWRB had no organization, it was not non-profit, and it had no leader, and it was not even legally organized. What men were still elders long ago got the axe. So at the moment (we will soon) have a few JWs on board, and we will not feature dishonest tactics. Times be a changin', partner.


  • Refriedtruth

    Thank you red dot for creating this thread.

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