Disfellowshipped Facebook friends?

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  • ldrnomo

    I just recently friended someone I knew many years ago. They have been disfellowshipped for a number of years. I am currently not DA'd or DF'd so if the elders wanted could they disfellowship me for having a FB DF'd friend?

  • Iamallcool

    I do not think so, but I would not take risks.


    My .02: If any of your ex-JW friends talk negative about the WTBTS/GB then they may think you are befriending apostates. That, I would think could land you in hot water and in the back room if anyone in JWland knows your congo.

    I used to care. Then I said fuck it. I have some friends fr JWN on my FB page, and one posts utube vids against the WTBTS/GB on a regular basis. If anyone should see it, so be it. Like being closeted for so long, I'm fucking tired of hiding.

    But, I have no family to lose. I lost all friends, of course, and so would you, if deemed you are hangin with "apostates". You need to see what you are willing to sacrifice and at what cost.

    Is that DF'd person known to others on your FB page? Since JW's are admonished to basically shun ex members, then I would say, unless NO ONE knows who this DF'd JW is, you have a strong chance of getting "caught associating" with them. Then all hell could break loose for you.

    Best wishes for a happy outcome

  • Badfish

    I don't think they disfellowship people just for associating with disfellowshipped people even in person. So no, I don't think they could disfellowship you just for having a disfellowshipped person on your Facebook friends.

  • flipper

    LDRNOMO- If you haven't been attending meetings in 4 or 5 years I doubt the elders would bother coming after you. HOWEVER - If one of the elders may have had a bone to pick with you or one of your JW relatives who still attend knew and saw you were communicating with a DFed friend - you need to ask yourself would your JW relative report you to the elders out of allegaince to the WT society ??

    I experienced something similar in 2006 after not attending for 3 years- as my JW ex-wife reported me to elders saying I was doing the horizontal bop with Mrs. Flipper before marriage. My ex caused a ruckus with my older JW parents and it caused me to fight the JC to get them to overturn my DFing and save my relationship with my aged parents. So another question you might ask yourself : What do I have to lose regarding relationships with any JW relatives you want to stay in touch with ?

    If your JW relatives are not aware your friend is DFed, or don't know him- I think you're safe and good to go. But if it were me I'd make sure your friend isn't known to your local elders. Just giving you several angles to look at. Then again, if you don't care, scratch everything I said and don't worry ! Lots of angles to look at ! LOL ! Take care

  • Iamallcool

    one more thing you could hide friends on facebook if you want to do that.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Why live in fear of those clowns? If you really feel this person is your friend then why would you consider dumping them to please people that you don't agree with and are the kind of people that will turn on you if you are friends with someone they don't approve of? Life is too short to play this sort of game. Be who you are and take friendship where you find it.

  • EmptyInside

    Well,if you don't want a lot of fuss,just hide your friends list,so only you can see it. I have disfellowshipped friends on facebook and from JWN,I just booted the Witnesses off,lol.

    Also if you're one that has like 200+ friends,no one is bound to notice.

  • Purza

    I am not DF'd, but have DF'd FB friends and JW FB friends (I would say they are weak JWs). If I ever post something I don't want them to see, I restrict them from seeing that post. I also hide my friend list (as others have mentioned). Yes, I have friends who tell me I am crazy and to get over it. Maybe one day I will, but I kinda like to maintain my friendships so I go through a tiny bit of trouble.

    I would think if an elder really wanted to get you, yeah, he could make an issue that you are friends with a DF'd person.


  • diamondiiz

    If anyone forgot, Ray Franz got df on technicality for association with a da individual. If the elders wanted to force the issue, I'm sure they could find a way to df you, but generally no, they wouldn't df anyone for talking to df person. You might get talked to, if you associated too much with a df person but again, it all depends on individual elders. There are some half decent elders out there and there are hard core nut cases, which also goes for general jw population.

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