Can someone help me understand how this young man thinks?

by camicia 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • baltar447

    I agrees with miz. The whole DC part is about this very subject of a "good" baptized JW girl having feelings for a "bad" I baptized popular guy. I find it funny that they threw in this statement: "don't you know that sisters out number brothers 5 to 1? Where did you hear that? I don't know" LOL

  • apostatethunder

    Hi camicia, please help your daughter to spend her time in more interesting pursuits than going door to door, and encourage her to mix with more well balanced worldly people. Hopefully she will get to know some other guy and leave the organization forever before it‘s too late. You should also do that, keep reading this site and good luck.

  • nugget

    The young man may be conflicted as others have suggested. When these sort of issues occur the jw response is not a mature one and being withdrawn is a very common reaction. Your daughter is seen as a problem and a temptation, he is attracted but knows he shouldn't be. Your daughter is not girlfriend material for him because although she is doing the right things she is not baptised and no appointed man would be considered in good standing if he acted on his feelings. When his inhibitions are lowered then he has let his guard down but later has all the guilt and self loathing.

    You daughter is in a difficult position and this man is behaving badly, toying with her emotions and blowing hot and cold. For her own emotional well being she needs to distance herself from him. If he is unable to discuss his feelings with her now and be honest with her then he lacks a degree of emotional maturity. However I would avoid telling her he is an idiot as she won't want to here it.

  • sd-7

    Wow, nugget--I think that's dead-on. I remember those same conflicts over dating issues myself. How sad it is that the most important human relationship one can have has to attempt to establish itself within this sort of framework. You spend your entire courtship seeing your potential mate as a problem and a temptation. How do you turn that into a normal, healthy relationship after you get married? Even after my awakening I still had (and still have) guilt and phobias regarding all that.

    So yeah, this is just a recipe for trouble. He's not ready to deal with his feelings and maybe never will be so long as he's in the WT's grip. 'Get out now' would be good advice for the youngster in this situation.


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