My GE Water Kettle just died after few years. RIP

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  • straightshooter

    I also have a water kettle that heats up on the stove. Works great.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    After many years of being 'conned' by advertising into buying expensive kitchen appliances I came to the conclusion that it was a better choice to buy cheap and replace as necessary.

    My current kettle (1.7 litre, auto, cordless), 4-slice toaster, filter coffee maker and 'healthy contact grill' each cost less than £5 (just!) and are going strong after two years. All came with a 12 month warranty.

  • Scully


    Just out of curiosity, out of consideration for someone who is deaf, clearly the kettle whistle is pretty much a useless function for you. I can see why an auto-off button would make more sense in your case, as a safety precaution.

    What other features are useful for you when choosing small appliances? My deaf BIL is visiting in the summer and I'd like to be accommodating.

    I have a Keurig machine for single servings of coffee and tea. I love it. The water is close to 200°F when it exits the machine. Each cup of tea or coffee is fresh, and I can use it just for hot water (for hot chocolate or tea bags or loose tea if I want that). It has lights to indicate when the machine is ready to brew and when the reservoir needs to be filled.

    At work, we use a cordless kettle like this one, it works quite nicely too:

  • Glander

    By cordless do you mean it heats off batteries? Amazing.

    There are also kettle that have remote red light flashers but they are pricey!

  • Iamallcool

    No it does not heat off batteries. At least my GE Water Cordless Kettle did not need any batteries.

  • Scully


    No, there is a base that plugs in to the electrical outlet, and you set the kettle on top of the base. There's a raised area about the size of a quarter on the base that fits in the corresponding area on the bottom of the kettle to complete the circuit.

  • Glander

    Thanks, Got it. That sounds very handy.

  • Dagney

    This is the one I have. I thought it was cool looking. Next time I think I would get a glass one.

    I used to have a stove top but always ended up needed the burner it was on. Plus after replacing 2 stove top kettles in too short a period of time, (the mechanisms broke), I went to an electric kettle I love it. Good luck.

  • mP

    It must be Satan or perhaps one of his minions or those damn smurfs.

  • Iamallcool

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