Does the GB actually believe it all?

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  • schnare

    Do you guys think that the GB actually believes the garbage that they print? How could they actually believe their new "overlapping generation" doctrine? Wouldn't they have access to anything ever printed and have knowledge of all the false prophecy? Maybe they are all just deluded.

  • ammo

    Thats what I would like to know

    Are they the dumbf...s

    or were we?

  • Finkelstein

    They might not believe in it all but they certainly believe in what their position as a GB member means to their own personal life.

    The supporting position as a GB member within the WTS Publishing Corporation as far as the prestige and personal care and support,

    has to be seen with great appreciative value to each member.

  • mP

    No religious or government body believes in religion. They may appear to be very religious only because the religion is part of the system that justifies their existance. Take GWB, did he said it was gods will and another nonsense, and yet none of his family volunteered for anything dangerous. The GB were the same, the leaders always run first and leave the faithful behind.

  • TOTH

    Nope, they believe in fleecing the sheep. Nothing more than a belief in how to get that job done is needed.

  • justmom

    Hello Schnare

    Of course they don't believe it all. They don't actually really even care. After all they are only "The hired man", who is NO shephard and doesn't care about the sheep, abandons the sheep and hands them over to the wolves." JOHN 10:12-13 It is the wolves in sheeps clothing that tear apart the poor sheep. These are elders and those alike that shephard the flock unlovingly. It is for this reason that the scripture says "they scatter"!!!!!!! They drive them away...



  • snare&racket

    Do you think the Nazi Pope believes it all?

    What about the head of coke? McDonalds?

    These guys have given their lives to this company, in return they have authority. They are the biggest Yes men in the JWs and having met such deluded YES men, belief and facts and false prophecy and UN deals, stock market trading, military companies, toxic waste dumplings ... These all just become things that need explaining....

    A publisher will do this, a mini skirted serpant even more so, an elder even more so etc etc.....

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    While reading CoC sheds light on the true actual bible knowledge of the GB.. Who knows if GB 2.0 are any smarter/knowledgeable? While it is possible that they may believe, there is no way they can all think that what they teach is 100% accurate. For that reason I find it incredibly difficult to not feel like I have been LIED to my whole life.. To put it as nicely as possible.

  • nugget

    I think one of the problems is that the gb live in a very enclosed world. Everyone shows them deference and their contact with others is never spontaneous or free from context. Even if they were skeptical in the beginning they are surrounded by people confirming their status and authority. Soon the world becomes self fulfilling they feel they have the right to behave as they do because everyone tells them they have. It is similar to pop stars who come from poor backgrounds but who suddenly have to have an entourage everywhere they go and need someone to pick out the green m&ms.

    In the back of their mind they must know that it is all politics, that god seems to talk to people differently, that their history is a travesty. However over time this becomes irrelevant what is more important is maintaining authority and this becomes the preoccupation and the search for truth is cast aside. How much new truth and explanation of scripture have we seen in recent years in contrast to articles about obeying the GB and keeping away from anything or anyone that may make you question your faith.

  • Phizzy

    The GB themselves are without doubt "Captives of a Concept", it is just possible that they are deluded enough to "believe it all", though I think it more likely they doubt some of the B.S

    What is self-evident is that the puppet masters who pull their strings, and control what is written and therefore swallowed and followed by 7 million cult members, these guys do not believe a word of it.

    I say self evident because you only have to read the WT mag and other publications to see how they are dishonestly presenting their doctrines, history etc etc

    if they believed they would not resort to half-truths and downright lies, it would not enter their head to do so.

    The shadowy figures who are in real control of the WT are money grubbing haters of truth.

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