Facing the elders - The right way to do it?

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  • blondie

    Actually, I would suggest not talking to them at all.

  • outsmartthesystem

    Talking to the elders will likely get you quickly booted. They care about you until they realize you know too much. I don't know your family but if you are going to explain yourself to anyone.....I would pick them. They may and I stress may be more apt to try to understand you and "reason" with you....which will in turn give you a chance to subtly open their eyes.

    You really could say something like "all of our modern day material simply says things like "in 1919, Jesus inspected the world's religions and selected the bible students because they were the only ones teaching the proper things at the proper time. But then again.....I read in our material that so much has changed over the years. We used to celebrate Christmas! So I wondered what else has changed. I remember a talk by the circuit overseer and he said that the proof is in the pudding. Do some research and you'll KNOW this is the truth. (Our CO actually did say that at an assembly.....not sure what he was smoking that day) So.....I did. I decided to order a copy of The Finished Mystery and the Millions Now Living Will Never Die Brochure.....because these would have been early truths being taught right then.....when Jesus was inspecting. The problem that I now have is that for every truth that we currently believe (for instance....no literal burning hell) there is an equally disturbing falsehood that was being taught (for instance....Jesus returned in 1874). I just have trouble believing that Jesus would be happy with the brothers for getting the whole no literal burning hell thing right......but then simply ignore the fact that they were spreading a falsehood about his return.....right there when he was grading them. If our religion is the only one in the world that is correct, and Jesus chose us because we were the only ones teaching the right things at the right time......then why don't we focus on what was being taught when Jesus made that selection? Why don't we prove how right we were?"

    Don't get me wrong.....they won't say "wow! You're right!" But at least you can tell them you've been thinking....but it hasn't been the result of apostate infiltration.

    Overall....DiamondDiiz nailed it. If they get upset at you for reading older publications....they are digging themselves a grave. You can always respond with "at what point did our own publications become apostate?"

  • Fernando

    Never explain.

    Always ask questions.

    They will either face the truth or not. That is your answer.

    Mom and Dad would you describe yourselves as "publishers of the good news"?

    How many years have you been "publishers of the good news"?

    Is it true that more than half the Bible's ±152 references to the "good news" are by Paul?

    Have you ever shared the "good news" according to Paul at the doors?

    Please can you explain from the heart what is the "good news" according to Paul?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Where do i find evidence that i can actualy show my Parents, that wont make it obvious that satan handed it to me

    The best results I've had in some cases was to wrap a carefully worded subject in, "I was talking with a workmate and he asked..." or "A householder asked me..." and then proceed with the topic under the premise that the questioned was raised by someone 'interested' NOT YOU. Typically, the JW will feel they ought to come up with an acceptable explanation for an outsider. If their explanation lacks merit, you can say, "I don't think he'll buy that."

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    My thought exactly billy.

    I was thinking, if you're still in school, to bring it up as another "peer” was asking questions and THEY looked up the info. Now you have the upper hand because you were trying to show him/her the “truth” (like a good little drone), got stumped (oh help me mommy and daddy) and have a legitimate reason for asking and trying to get answers.

    For this to work though you need to set up the situation, your parents must be primed about the "peer". They need to know he/she is not open to an at home visit, will only speak to you at school and is smart so your reply has got to be concrete and truthful because he/she will check it out. Try to use a real peer in case this goes sour, you may need a "fall guy" (but be sure it's someone who is willing and knows what's going on or someone you know hates the JWs and would gladly say they looked up the apostate stuff). What’s the worst that could happen, your parents tell you not to associate with this person anymore? If it’s someone you don’t associate with, only do things with at school or talk to in secret anyway, all you have to do from that point on is say you've stopped association and keep on doing what you've been doing; you'll be a little bit smarter and your parents will be able to stay in ignorant bliss.

    If you want to get cocky, and your parent’s can’t/don’t want to answer your questions or get pushy, turn it on them. Ask why they can’t/don’t want to answer and/or are avoiding the subject? Say something like, “aren’t we always supposed to be ready to defend our faith to those asking like the bible says?”

  • DesirousOfChange

    I ditto Billy & Lost Lamb.

    Tell them someone else asked you these questions and you need help in replying to them. Tell them you are now confused after reading all the information you were given. Is this true? Does this make sense to you? How can I reply to this? Shock. Shock. Shock. Be the innocent one who is caught in the middle.


  • Finkelstein

    You can use the bible to disprove most of the doctrines professed by the WTS. as well encyclopedias and other avenues of information.

    The most obvious thing to understand about the WTS. is that its doctrines were intensionally established to proliferate the literature that the

    WTS. published itself as a publishing house. This should be whole heartedly accepted as being " The Truth ".

    An organization made up of religious charlatans who devised a way through coercive tactics to get other people selling and buying their products

    and shaping people how to present themselves before the public as sales representatives for the publishing organization.

  • jemba

    I agree with the other posters on 'someone asked me about.... so I had to research.'

    I'm a history buff so I will have that up my sleeve for later, comparing old literature with 'new light'.

    Personally I took a different tack. I had not long been affiliiated with this website and other enlightening material so I wasnt ready to tackle the lies, false doctrines etc.

    But I very truthfully told my Mum when she asked about my inactivity that I had to leave due to crippling depression brought on by the massive burden of meetings, field circus, study, being treated like crap by so called friends, heaped with lots of guilt for not doing enough and fear of armaggeddon for my kids, hubby and myself. I told her of the huge weight lifting off my shoulders, my depression improving over 90% and the fact that a loving god would never want me to feel the way I did in the org. She actually accepted this explanation without getting defensive but of course had to let me know that armaggedon was just around the corner and god expects us to make sacrifices for him. I was happy with the outcome of this and didnt look like an apostate.

    If anyone expresses concerns for my spirituality I tell them its never been better. I have actually not picked up a bible willingly and read scriptures ever in my life until now.

    So you can always tell them that mental illness... even if you lie about it...is caused by the org's slavery.

  • mrbunyrabit

    This is actualy some good advice.. Thank you

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Remember, you are dealing with the dub elite - keep it brief, clear, and simple.

    It's best to refer them to "our spiritual heritage" utilizing their own literature:

    Take Time to Think About What You Read: What is going to be your objective as you read? Merely covering pages — completing the book — should not be your aim. The Proclaimers book contains a record of your spiritual heritage. You ought to know it well. Take time to think about the implications of what you read.

    Our Kingdom Ministry, February 1994, page 6 par. 12

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