Kids on Leashes at Conventions.

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  • MrFreeze

    That was my brother Jim. He had ADHD and he was quite wild. Don't blame my mom for putting him on a leash.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I agree MrsJones...its easy to judge when you haven't been in a certain situation. I never used one with my own children...mainly because of the judgemental attitudes of others. I got some pretty horrible looks when I took my friends twins out and used theirs though. My friend was like you, and didnt care what others thought...she put their safety first. And believe me....if they were my twins...I would do the same as their mother. They were full on.

    not all kids are the same...some need it....some don't..and parents don't need others judgemental attitudes when they are trying to do the best for their children.

  • NewChapter

    I'm not sure how my comment was interpreted. I somehow got praise---and yet am not sure if that praise is because I did not use a leash. So let me state this clearly: I do not judge parents that decide to use a 'leash'. After chasing a little one, and losing her in public places, I can understand how parents would decide to use one. I didn't because I was intimidated by others' judgements and dirty looks. However I often wondered if my daughter and I wouldn't have been a bit happier---she'd have the freedom to investigate the world a bit more and I'd have the security of always having control and the ability to keep her safe. We would not have dealt with the frustrations of constant physical contact and always being one step from each other.

    I didn't use one. I don't think it is wrong to use one. Unless I see a parent yanking their kid around or being abusive about it, I don't see a problem.


  • Diest

    Well Ill just have to chalk this one up to, I dont know because I dont have kids. Ill judge a little less on it.

  • jemba

    My second son was very active and a runner so we had to use one on him at shopping centres.

    He quickly got around it though by throwing himself on the floor as soon as we put it on him.

    One day after picking him up half a dozen times I gave the harness a tug as I was telling him to get up and some stupid old guy comes up and says 'hes not a dog you know'. I never used it again.

    They are a good safety device when used properly.

  • TOTH

    I saw one sister who was disabled and dealing with a hyperactive boy. He would run around the hall and assemblies with his dracula haircut as his trenchcoat flapped behind him like a cape! We called him the BAT CHILD. He left the cult when he turned 18, joined the Navy and is now raising his kids in one of Christendom's churches. Despite being tethered most of his young life he turned out fine.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    my mother got a can full of my behavior once when i was little, and she marched me into the pet store at the mall and bought a big old dog collar and leash. she buckled that collar around my waist and hooked me up - cured me of running off. i used the special kid leashes on my boys occasionally when they were not behaving properly. my middle son especially would just take off the second i was distracted. he spent more time on the leash than the other two ever did.

  • Morbidzbaby

    mrsjones hit the nail on the head. There are just some children whose safety depends on using a "leash". I used one on my children and if this little one is as adventurous as my other kids, I'll be using one again. Thankfully, they come in less "leash-like" versions now. Unicorns, teddy bears, dogs, monkeys...they look like little stuffed animal backpacks and the "tail" is the leash. Makes it a bit easier for the child to accept.

    I used to be one of those judgmental people who looked at parents who used a leash and thought "Jeez, you can't control your kid??".

    Then I had kids of my own. No. You can't control them. It isn't about CONTROLLING them, as they are autonomous human beings, just like their adult counterparts. It's about letting them explore their world in as safe a manner as possible. Some children are content to hold mommy or daddy's hand and walk around without an issue. Others take off like a shot the second your grip loosens.

    I would much rather be judged by a stranger for putting my child's safety as a priority than not use a leash on a willful child and end up losing them in the split second it takes for them to break away and make a run for it. Anything can happen...getting hit by a car, getting kidnapped, falling down a flight of stairs at the mall. You just never know.

  • Diest

    Why you gotta call me judgmental?

  • yknot

    My children both started walking on their own at 9mos (yes I still did crawling exercises with them to grow their medula!)

    I did the halter-leash thing with both kiddos..... (can't warn enough about the dangers of wrist leashes, so many injuries to lil ones arms and joints)

    It actually provided them freedom while demonstrating 'boundaries'....

    I never dragged or tugged my children -(they were known to tug/drag me though)

    They are quite independent and walked alongside or ahead of me curious about their world....

    Eventually each child addressed their own need for physical autonomy and the leash was retired....

    I never once had one of those 'where is my kid' or 'he/she ran out into the oncoming traffic' scares.....

    Would do it all again if I have anymore babies.....


    In the end an abusive/neglectful parent will always find a way to abuse/neglect whether it is by abusing a leash or beating a child for wandering off

    Faked enthusiasm, happiness and family bliss is all that happens at a DC.....everything is for 'show'.

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