king,,,,,,,dumb,,,,,,,hall,,,,,,,,????????How stupid are these mindless idiots?

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  • witchtowerwitch

    After 130 years of false prophecying,like 20 false Armageddon dates,Russels witchtower pyramid measurements @1914,,hehehe lol,and every other flip flop teaching,like all of them,like the expanded 1914 generation?Come on people,get real with this sxxt ok?Then their is the 8th king membership for about 10 years?How can the dubs stay in there and swallow all of this nonsense is beyond me ok?I can't go on about these fools any more,it is just too sad people,to see good hearted witchtowerite like Christians being mislead down a road to no where okay?Soon the truth about the truth will be seen by all,,,hehehe lol,,,!The only difference between these cultist and the Jxxxs compound,is the missing vat of purple Koolaid?Most of them know that something is very wrong,but they have a social club to maintain,and besides,they all have way too much pride to admit that their teachings are all wrong,and they have infested their whole lives into that church,some over 60 years okay,so to leave now would mean that their whole life as a witness was all for nothing,and that is a reality that they refuse to think about or accept!Glad i'm out of there now for over 25 years!

  • 00DAD

    Apparently you don't understand how people--often bright, creative people--can get involved with destructive mind-control cults.

    I suggest you read some of Steven Hassan's books:

    • Combatting Cult Mind Control, or
    • Releasing the Bonds


  • LostGeneration

    Agree with 00DAD, they aren't stupid. They aren't mindless idiots. They are victims of thought reform, or like myself, born into the mess without any other options presented for the first two decades of my life. Beyond that, yes I am responsible for the time spent in the JWs.

    I have no illusion that the whole Org will come tumbling down in one big crash, but individual JWs leave each and every day. Imagine some active JW came on this site for the first time today and read your post, he would probably leave thinking "Yep, the WTS has it right about those apostates"

  • wasblind

    Yep, once they connect the dots 1, 2, & 3, they will soon find dot 4 which lead to the door

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I walked into a KH with eyes wide shut at 23. I don't consider myself mentally challenged, and yet I bought it. The internet back then would have been nice

  • rebel8

    You can lead a horse to water and all that.

    Then their is the 8th king membership for about 10 years?

    What does that mean

  • MrFreeze

    rebel, that would be the membership with the UN.

  • rebel8

    rly, they think the UN is in charge of the world now? Idiots.

    I guess I don't recall the significance of that. Armageddon was supposed to come quick once the UN took over?

  • jam

    My son invited this weekend to the assembly. He left

    with me (borg) when he was 12yrs. old. Since then he have

    served in military. Recently he left the military and return home.

    Got A job and doing well. Out of the blue his JW elder cousin calls

    and invite him to hear his part on the assembly. Now this cousin

    have not talk to him in 12yrs., not one word. The last time he

    talk to him was the nite the elders told me I will have to leave

    before they serve the meal at my daughter wedding anniversary

    dinner. He told his cousin, look I,m not interested in attended the

    assembly or any meeting of JW,s that teach , that my dad is mentally

    diseased. His cousin could not understand. Dumb, dumb , dumb.

  • Kojack57

    Jam: it's a shame,but that is how the BORG affects most people. Not allowed to think for themselves. They are of one conscience mind (BLIND)


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