Have the WTBS pretty much declared theocratic and mental war on ex-jehovahs witnessses?

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  • Joliette

    In light of a lot of the watchtower's kool aid articles that I have read on here over the past year or so, it seems as if the watchwer bible and tract society has pretty declared war on ex-JW's (using there #1 tool: the bible of course). Is this the right way of putting this? Would you guys word this different in a more legalistic fashion? It seems to be that if anyone disagrees with the watchtower they are enemies of jehovah, but especially ex-JW's.

  • cedars

    I think there's been a war against apostates since the days of Franz, and perhaps even earlier than that. Unquestionably the Society has "ramped up" the pressure with recent articles. They've also turned up the heat with articles about shunning, and how important it is not to associate with family members who are former members. This is their foremost mechanism to protect against the effects of apostasy, so it's no surprise that shunning also receives special emphasis. However, I don't think any of this is necessarily a recent development, just an intensification of an existing stance.


  • Joliette

    Wow, good point cedars.

    I know the JW's back in the day were gun hold against apostates (early 80's especially), to the point where they would use physical force, especially if there was an apostate in there own household. I think the one thing that is gonna wake a lot of witnesses up is this whole thing about partaking at the memorial and the whole debate with the annointed, etc.

  • Soldier77

    They have declared war on "apostates" for decades. Just to clarify, the bible is NOT there #1 tool, it's the Watchtower rags. It's not, what does the bible say on the matter, it's what does the watchtower say.

  • blondie

    I notice that they have many more statements that say:

    Obedience to the WTS/FDS/GB = Obedience to God

    Disobedience ot the WTS/FDS/GB = bad relationship with God

    Obey the WTS/FDS/GB even when they are wrong.

  • Joliette

    Soldier77, I always got told growing up that it always had to do with what the bible said. Of course the watchtowers were always nessary to use along with the bible but the bible was always more emphasized growing up. ( at least what I was told growing up). The watchtower and awakes along with the publications were bible aides.

  • Soldier77

    Joliette, yes, same here. I was taught that growing up, but what was taught then and what is taught now, has changed. If they truly did teach the bible and only the bible, it would be a totally different religion.

  • outsmartthesystem

    I agree with Cedars. I firmly believe that efforts really got started back in 1980 with the dismissal of Franz. Then it quieted down for a while.....but efforts are ramping back up now. They have to. We horrible apostates are all over the internet. Plus we live in different times. We live in an era when critical thinking is very much encouraged. (outside of the borg of course). We live in an era where women have rights.....and where both men and women are pushing for such things as equality of pay. All of us in this 21st century have been exposed to much more of a "question everything" type atmosphere than those that were around 100 years ago. All of us today expect fairness, equality and explanations more so than those of past generations.

    I think as time goes by....more and more witnesses will want proof.....they'll want answers......they'll want to satisfy their questions. The society can combat this somewhat with fear/guilt/intimidation. They know they are going to lose the internet battle....but they maintain hope that they can continue to win (overall) the "do not talk to DF or DA" battle. As long as they keep the sheeple in fear of DF and DA ones......they'll keep their herd mainly in tact. But once the sheeple lose their fear of DF and DA ones......all hell breaks loose. So yeah.....declaring war on DF and DA ones is their only chance of keeping the glass house together.

  • yourmomma

    i think that there has been a crack down on jw's who dont tow the line. especially in the dramas, they are clearly trying to divide jw's into 2 camps. they only want zealots.

  • panhandlegirl

    I agree with Cedars and outsmartthesystem. I remember being warned about "the evil slave class" when I was young but nothing like what happened in the early 80s. I was not aware then that a purge was taking place but I was caught up in it.When I was df'd as an apostate the only support I had was my two brothers. I thought we were an anomaly until I read CoC. I had also received some brochures from "Witness Now for Jesus" so then I realized we were not alone in our dissent. Now I have no idea how I got in contact with the WNfJ but that's how I found out about CoC. This is not now the 80s. Like Dylan sang about the 60s "The times they are'a changing." This is not our grandfather's or father's'/mother's world anymore. The internet has made the world smaller. We can communicate with people all over the world and discuss ideas on what's going on. We can find information on almost anything we are looking for through the interner. Hundreds of us are not afarid if being df'd anymore. The WBS is having to consider apostates as part of the equation. After the 1975 debacle, most thinking jws, especially the young ones are not as easily fooled.The WTS uses the shunning teaching to hold those who may want to bail out in check. No one wants to lose their family or close friends. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do no matter the cost. Like outsmartthesystem said: But once the sheeple lose their fear of DF and DA ones......all hell breaks loose. So yeah.....declaring war on DF and DA ones is their only chance of keeping the glass house together.

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