Anti-Watchtower Billboard In Russia

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  • La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!
    La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!

    Ahhhhh the irony, mentally diseased apostates defending the freedom of a cult that wishes nothing more than to see their detractors destroyed at Armageddon.................

  • NewChapter

    Yes George---but our standards have been raised since leaving the petty cult. Their bar is much too low.

    is this sign put up by a private person, or by the govt? If it is a private person, it may just be free speech. If it is the govt---well that's a whole different story. We know their history.


  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    If it is a private person, it may just be free speech. If it is the govt---well that's a whole different story

    There appear to be several lies of text at the bottom right of the billboard. I wish there was a better resolution picture; if there is one, it will most likely tell the rest of the story...

  • steve2
    let's remember that this is open suppression of religion by a near-totalitarian state.

    I am in full agreement with you James. In fact, the at-times unbridled assault on human rights in general in Russia makes "membership" in the Watchtower seem like peanuts by contrast.

    The worst excesses of badly expressed anti-JW sentiments are also rife in Russia - where deliberate misinformation and exaggeration rule - predictable hallmarks of a state that is significantly invested in retaining power and control at any cost - provided it "looks" good to the rest of the world.

    Russia reminds me of schoolyard bullies who develop some awareness of how others view their bullying behaviour - so they seek to justify their bullying by 'blaming the victim' even as they tone down the most overt excesses for the "sake" of their reputation. Russia is one huge, thumping black pot allegedly "worried" about the authoritarianism of the infinitesimally smaller-kettled Watchtower Society. Or, as I said, "peanuts".

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The problem regardign them being banned anywhere is that JWs will take it as they are being persecuted and this is the beginning of the Great Tribulation . . .


  • Bangalore

    Thanks Lady Lee.


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