What should the WTBS do?!?!

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  • DriveslikeJehu

    Hey Englishman, nothing wrong with off-topic!

    One of my MS buddies in the hall had a RepliCobra built for him, and spent a fortune on it. Here, the basic kit(minus the engine and late-model Ford Mustang frame) is about $40k, US. He also proceeded to go through two built engines, which I'd estimate at around $10k each. The current engine he's running uses 107 octane racing gas, which is quite expensive and is sold quite a distance from his home. Such a practical vehicle. And to top it off, the interior is very cramped, so he can barely fit inside.

    Oh, and hey Larc: Call it a joke.hehe

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    This is a good-ass topic. This goes back to the top...

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Eyes_opened,

    thanks for your comment.

    I do agree with your words:

    "...Leaving the WTBTS, after years of mind control takes great strength and the help of others, like those on this board, who are willing to lend their support, listening and encouragement. SO I say let's start that thread :)"

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

    " One who has an accurate knowledge
    of God's Word will have no problem
    in refuting false religious ideas".

  • LDH

    HA HA HA Eyes, remember the fight this post started?

    I took your advice and started another thread about what we could do to control WTBS influence in our lives; Waiting took it the wrong way and pounced all over me!

    Remember that Waiting? LOL. A long time ago.

    Thanks for the memories, BlackMan.

    You're right--it is a good topic.


  • JT

    Many organizations have high ideals, many have good people. What makes jw's different if they do all the above? I believe the one truly unique teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses is the 144,000 only going to heaven. Which hinges on 1914 - as them being chosen as the FDS by Christ when he returned invisibly. Take that away, and they're just another fundamentalist church. A regimented, hard, way of life.

    yOU have hit the nail on the head- take away the FDS dogma of WE SPEAK FOR GOD and all you have left is a Bible literature publishing company doing bible commentary-

    everything else falls to the floor- all thier dogmas then become open for questioning , all thier rules become stupid--

    Sister come here - your dress is 2 inches above your knees-- she would then look at him and ask Why are you looking do you have a "Woody"

    wt beomes no more than any other American based Corp.

    what makes them special is that that have a group of old dudes who claim that god whispers into thier ears NEW LIGHT
    take away FDS/ we speak for god dogma and you got just another group of guys giving thier opinions which means one can take it or leave it WITHOUT fear of ANGERING THE GODS


  • JT

    Simon says:
    I don't think the belief system can be kept going...it is not built upon a firm foundation

    i disagree for the simple fact the religions SELL HOPE and as long as folks need hope of a better future -religions like wt will be around

    the catholic church is still around despite the fact it used to round up folks and KILL THEM

    yet the avg person today who is catholic merely looks upon that past much like jw look upon the past error of wt

    they will acknowlege it many times, but THAT WAS US YEARS AGO and off they go- and you can look at so many Belief Systems who have much the same track record of doing Goofy stuff yet the die hard continue

    suppose WT lost 90% of it's members that is 5.4 mill ---leaving behind a DIE HARD- HARD CORE GROUP OF 600,000 MEMBERS-

    The key players at bethel who make life and death rules would be able to live the rest of thier life in the lap of wealth-

    sell 90% of all the branches, assembly halls, kingdom halls and just the real estate value alone they could live off the interest

    and with a core of 600,000 they would live thier lives to the end doing just fine

    we have a Preacher in my town- has a Lear Jet- yes baby a Lear Jet and 2 Rolls Royces --one for him and one for MAMA

    and he has just 24,000 members in his church and look how he lives

    so with 600,000 world wide sending in just $1 dollar a month- that's $7 million a year- on top of all the realestate they sold- life is good

    so wt will be around alone time-

    whether you agree with wt or not --i think most will admit they sell a very good product-

    good health, nice home, no crime, etc- the Brochure is slick- and as long as someone is being born --right now in fact as i type this post---- who will long for something better in thier life --a jw or another beleif system will come along and reassure them that they can get all those things

    I have come to realize one thing about Belief Systems- they attempt to fill a NEED in folks

    and as long as MEN/WOMEN have that need -- there will be a religion standing there to offer to fill it for them


  • JT

    TR SAYS:

    Even if the WTS demanded that we have sex every day and swap wives every thursday night.(note to self; start new religion


    This post reveals his true heart condition and what he probably longed for when he went to the Hall- that is why the Org was so different- and now that he has left his true colors come flying out

    YOu Pervert


    PS. Does anyone know what time the Services are at that New Church he is starting?

    I just love this NET "THANG"


    Take their billion`s of dollar`s they have scammed from every one and:give their senior`s a decent pension/set up schooling and college fund`s for every one who want`s a better education/set up fund`s for housing/find and prosecute every piece of shit they protect/set up facilitie`s and hire real doctor`s for deprograming/turn every KING DUNG HOLE into a real community centre{playground`s,pool`s,pub&restaraunt)ect..ect..ect Unfortunatly the evil bastard`s would never allow it.

  • Bill Parker
    Bill Parker

    Hi LDH!
    Your article made for very good reading.One would hope to see them following or at least consider the many points that you made. I really do not believe that will ever happen. Listening to the direction of others is not one of their strongpoints. We all know what happens when we try that,don't we?
    There might have been a time when I would have considered going back. As to whether "I would ever have left "if "X" were different is another thing for me to ponder over. That was really quite a question. At least for me???
    I am only recently new to this board. I have put on two articles so far. One is on "APOSTASY" the other is titled "Branding others "APOSTATE".
    You mentioned that you "had friends at Bethel". Would you consider reading my two articles and if you agree with anything therein mail them to your friends in Bethel?? Bill Parker

  • gotcha

    ..allow casual clothing while doing door-to-door...errrr...

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