What should the WTBS do?!?!

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  • LDH

    Well guys sorry I haven't participated much lately, I've been really busy. But, I do have a question that I would really appreciate ALL of your input on.

    It is no secret that young people are leaving JWs faster and faster. It is no secret that most JWs are disappointed, and hurt by lack of prophecy fulfillment.

    So here's what I was thinking: I'm going to post some VERY personal thoughts on what *I* think they need to do in order to stop the loss of almost 50,000 disfellowshipped and probably 4x that to inactivity. It's not that I necessarily think everyone would *ever* want to go back, but more: would you ever have left if "X" were different. Maybe when the post gets interesting I'll email it to some contacts/friends in Bethel. Please, if possible, don't post "I'll NEVER go back!" I'm just looking for changes that you think need to be made....

    1. The Society MUST encourage members to become active participants in their communities. Volunteering time to worthwhile organizations, Voting (11/01/QFR)if you want to, Serving on Organization Boards (our religion is almost TOTALLY unrepresented on every board I've sat on. People are shocked to find out my religious affiliation, and are always happy to have me.) Enough of this "no part of the world" theory the way they make it out to be.

    2. The Society has cultivated a culture where their members are not free to dissent or disagree openly. This same dysfunction carries over to most family relations, with JW parents going ballistic if thier children don't do what they are expected to do. Parental Control MUST be slackened. Parents MUST allow their children to ask questions, make mistakes, and above all HAVE A NORMAL LIFE. This means school games, proms, band, college, whatever it takes. Enough with this seclusion.

    3. The Society must openly adopt a policy that *ANY* criminal activity will be handled by the local police, not the local elders. All reports of criminal activity will be reported to the police, who will do their job in determining whether or not an arrest will be made. Allow the DA to determine whether or not there is enough evidence, not this dumb ass 'two witness' rule.

    4. The Society must stop their fascination with disfellowshipping. This doesn't mean Unrepentant sinners should be allowed to remain in the congregation. But enough of this 'casting out.' The Shit is old, and it doens't work.

    I could go on, but the point is, I'm not actually talking about changes within the JW belief system. Notice I haven't advocated believing in Hellfire. I'm talking about Organization Policy Changes.
    Please add your thoughts.

  • VeniceIT

    Don't give them any ideas!!!!


  • larc

    I think they should do the following:

    1. Drop the blood issue. The problem is that many would leave who made or saw others make sacrifices of their own children.

    2. Drop their stupid dating rules and give young people a chance to learn about each other before being thrust into marriage.

    3. Get rid of the elder system and find some better method of governance.

    4. Start observing the Sabbath. Those people are worked harder than the Jewish slaves in Egypt, and need a day off each week.

    5. Not only allow, but encourage education, then someday they could have thier own private schools, from kindergarden through college.

    By the way, I liked your suggestions above. I don't think, however, they will follow your second suggestion. I think that open dissent would cause the whole thing to crumble.

  • ianao

    Hello LDH and larc.

    All of these sound real good, but you all know as well as I do that most of these practices are considered to be Bible based.

    The only thing *I* would recommend they do is to stop teaching the 1914 chronology. They criticize 'Christendom' for their respective dogmas, yet they have their own. And yes, this qualifies as DOGMA because Jesus himself said that only the Father knows when the future events would occur. To attempt calculations, and BELIEVE they are correct, even when proven WRONG in the past is just as dogmatic as believing trinity, hell-fire, or immortal soul.

  • waiting

    Hey y'all,

    If the WTBTS did all of the above, they would be kindred brethen to the say.....2,000 other Christendom (WT talk) churches. Surely not in full agreement - but looking more and more like "Satan's earthly organization." That's what they've built their reputation upon - being different, apart. That's why new people come in - and the old jw's stay, we're "not like other religions."

    Take all of the above away and what have you got? A group of good intentioned people "placing" Bible literature for "free" to people because the jw has already "contributed" for the Bible literature at the KH, as he's been taught. Hard workers, tired, mostly uneducated, and for the most part, quite economically modest to the point of being poor.

    Many organizations have high ideals, many have good people. What makes jw's different if they do all the above? I believe the one truly unique teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses is the 144,000 only going to heaven. Which hinges on 1914 - as them being chosen as the FDS by Christ when he returned invisibly. Take that away, and they're just another fundamentalist church. A regimented, hard, way of life.


  • ISP

    Hi LDH and everyone.

    Here’s my 2 cents……….

    Scrap bookstudy on Tuesday. Not enough books to make it viable. I bet there is only a dozen max that are upto date with latest light.

    Have public talk only on Sunday. WT is dealt with school and service meeting midweek.

    On Sundays have a Sunday School for the kids. (Well what other day would you have it on?)

    No more recording of field service time. No more labels like unbaptised publishers

    Scrap idea of ‘FDS’. WTS can make recommendations re. blood, birthdays and Christmas but leave ultimate decision to the individual who acts in accordance with his/her conscience.

    No more DF’ing. Although there is a scriptural basis for it, we do not have the power of the spirit to administer justice like they perhaps did in the first century. So help/counsel wrongdoers but no DF’ing.

    Re child abuse. Report all allegations to police. Let them investigate and follow what conclusions result. No checking to see what you can get away with like now.

    Internet version of magazines which should be published monthly. (See how that goes before dropping it to yearly or something!)

    Abandon all references to the WTS prefigured in all prophetic books! Please!

    Sisters are allowed to wear as short a skirt as they like!


  • Simon

    Give all their money to the poor and needy?
    I don't think the belief system can be kept going...it is not built upon a firm foundation.

  • Roamingfeline

    Let's look at this realistically. Changing their practices and beliefs changes the ORGANIZATION and what it stands for. As Simon is saying, the entire foundation of this religion is on shifting sand, and you know what the Bible says about that. "A house built on sand will not stand."

    There is no sense changing a few rules to make it better, when it's very base is of bad materials! BTW, I would NEVER GO BACK.


  • mommy

    Ressurect those that have died in the name of God aka WTBTS.
    Erase all wounds of the heart that is directly caused by their org.
    Restore broken families.
    Remove guilt as a tool (cuts down on depression)
    And what is with the suits in 90% heat?
    Only perform house to house, by telephone.
    Come on give the kid's their birthdays:)
    And last but not least......they must admit they are a CULT

  • larc

    I thought of another one,

    Do not permit children in a meeting where adults are discussing sexual practices.


    If they seriously considered the changes recommended here, they would become a main stream religion and I think that would be a good thing.

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