Be honest with me "how soon is soon?"

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  • WTWizard

    I will be even more honest. What happens if "it" is so subtle that, while they were proclaiming a major tribulation, "it" already happened? I believe "it" already did happen--"it" represents merely the end of the Age of Pisces. We already experienced the "end of the world" in the sense that it was actually supposed to be--and are now in the next "world". Granted, it is still very early in the Age of Aquarius, but we are in it.

    What did it take to get into it? Nothing. But, if you are so worried about some grand event where people are going to be destroyed or left behind, and you need to do something to be saved prior to its coming, you are going to miss out. All you need to do is start questioning things--especially beliefs. Do your beliefs serve their intended purpose, or are they doing damage and holding you back? Chances are good that you are going to have to realize that everything, or nearly everything, you learned about religion is wrong. In the Age of Pisces, that was highly offensive. In the Age of Aquarius, however, it is not only permissible but necessary if you are to benefit.

    Now, if you are among those who use the "offended" card liberally, are you actually trying to hold back people into the Age of Pisces? Or, have you been brainwashed by a religion to work for them (for nothing) to hold back mankind in the Age of Pisces? Most of society has been so brainwashed to the point where they are offended by anyone turning to something they view as totally wrong. However, that is because the Establishment is trying to hold mankind back into the Age of Pisces long enough so they can enslave the whole human race. At which point, no one is going to benefit from the Age of Aquarius.

    If people are willing to accept that it already happened, and that all it meant was the change to the Age of Aquarius, they will not be so worried about doing whatever it takes to survive. And, the next Harold Camping that comes up with some rubbish (or some idiot that claims that the end is coming in 2014 or 2034) will not be able to take you down with them. And someone like OBVES will totally lose all power--"it" already happened, and the required action is to merely question what you believe as to its validity.

  • wasblind

    As I have stated before, I didn't have the kind of dad one would prefer

    One day as we were sittin' at his feet, he promised us a brand new swing set

    After a couple of days passed, we asked our mom, when was my dad gonna

    get the swing set

    She stated, when the Kingdom came. My father passed away in my adulthood

    we never got that swing set, and I'm still waitin' on the kingdom

    how soon is soon ???? I'm not sure, but I have a feelin' it's very far away

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes
    I am still waiting for soon to be here.

    Be honest with me "how soon is soon?"

    ........................In WatchTower World??!!..


    ..............AFTER YOUR DEAD.......WAY AFTER!!..

    .......Image result for TOE TAG

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    "Brother, when are you coming back to the meetings?"


    "When will you go in service with me?"


    "Brother, when can we come over for a visit ?"


  • SimonSays

    To the Mayans, it was 2012, however people misunderstood that as well. The Mayans meant the end of a life cycle for them and their calendar.

    There is Nostradamus, he concluded the same.

    There’s The Catholic: Without the fan far of announcing it, they did it right before your eyes when one Pontiff stepped down and the other took over. What do you think they mean by doing that. The Pope was too sick to continue? NO, every Pope known to us has died at their post in their appointed time. This time however their action was different why? Reference Revelation 11: 3 Yes folks The Catholic hierarchy is preparing for the last days to, but their doing it in secret, so don’t tell, and guess what, that darn number keeps popping up. 1,200 and 3 score = 1,260 X 2=?

  • stuckinarut2


    "Brother, when are you coming back to the meetings?"


    "When will you go in service with me?"


    "Brother, when can we come over for a visit ?"


    Best replies ever!! hahahaha!!!

  • smiddy

    "Soon" in Watchtower speak, could very well be the equivalent of "quickly" in Bible speak ,Rev.22:20 .

    Jesus was coming back " quickly" 2000 years ago , and according to J.W.`s he did not arrive till 1874/1914 , so how quick is quick ? what Jehovah Witnesses are saying today as "soon " may very well be another 2000 years away before the Great Tribulation or Armageddon arrives.

    I wonder how many J,W,`s would stick around if they realized this.? Giving up careers , selling houses , putting off families , denying their children higher education ,curtailing their potential , not providing for retirement ,or old age ? Then dying in this system of things not seeing the things promised to them being fulfilled by this religion .?


  • Vidiot

    Sour Grapes - "The meaning of this word is different to a Witness versus a non-Witness."

    The meaning of a lot of words are different to a Witness versus a non-Witness.

    Whole books could be written about them.

    In fact, they have.

  • wizzstick

    guess what, that darn number keeps popping up. 1,200 and 3 score = 1,260 X 2=?

    It crops up amongst crazy end-timers. Not human beings who have powers of reason and logic.

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