A sad premonition based on facts and trends.

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  • jojojunfan

    Hello everyone,

    I am still an insider. I know cedar from JWstruggle. Here is an interesting tidbit I found on the Watchtower cd library. I imagine it was meant to be erased, who knows?.... For some reason I can't get it to post. If you want go to Jwstruggle and at the forums look for:

    WATCHTOWER 2099!!!

    I was trying to copy and paste, but It won't work. I am pretty computer illiterate Help?

  • cedars

    "Theres a sucker born every minute. We are all living proof."

    I know, some suckers worship dudes with hammers. Go figure!


  • cedars

    Hi jojojunfan - if you email me the info to [email protected] I will post it for you!



  • elderelite

    1) let it be known hence forth and forever morethat cedars was the first to mention, directly or indirectly, the worship of the odin son on this thread

    2) worshipping Thor makes as much sense as being dubbie ;-)

    I know we all want the org to colapse, and we want to see trends and signs of weakness.... But history shows cults are durable beyond imagination. We were in a very succsessfull one. It will endure im sad to say.

  • cedars

    "I know we all want the org to colapse, and we want to see trends and signs of weakness.... But history shows cults are durable beyond imagination. We were in a very succsessfull one. It will endure im sad to say."

    A steady 7 million publishers or more over the next 30 years? Really? Can I hold you to that?! Think carefully pagan!


  • elderelite

    Yea write it down. It will ebb some as time wears on, but they will find a way around 2014 and kids will be born etc etc.... It will endure.

    And for the record, Thor views you christians as pegans :-D

  • cedars

    Deal, I shall commit 2012 to memory as the year you said the Society will never shrink to an inconsequential size!

    Watch this space...

    By the way, I won't lose sleep over what some fictional guy with a DIY obsession thinks of me!


  • nugget

    talking to a witness recently I was surprised that she was very comfortable with the idea of the overlapping generation. She said that the overlapping generation refers to my parents generation not to anyone who had ever known someone alive in 1914. This means the elderly are excited that they are the generation the will not pass away and the younger ones feel the time is relatively close. The society has bought themselves 30 to 40 years so 1914 becomes less relevant and 2014 can pass without any anxiety or disquiet. So many young people are ignorant of the past beliefs and changes in the society so they will accept what they are told.

    However younger witness fall into 2 camps followers and seekers. Followers will step onto the treadmill and will follow the societies advice regarding the internet and they will simply be absorbed into the organisation. Seekers however have the goldmine of the internet to draw on and they can quickly find the flaws in their belief system. A process that may once have taken years can be condensed into a few months or weeks. This is the major difference with all the support groups and forums out there people can get support whilst they extract themselves much more efficiently.

    There will be a tipping point when the society starts to shrink but how long this will take is a mystery. They may end up with core of believers that will never change and those controlled because of fear of loosing loved ones.

  • okage

    @Cedars & @Elderelite:

    Blessed be Rao! May it shine it's light on you. Krypton will never die. And that's why Thor has girly hair.

    I can't actually seem to link the two, but Thor does have some really girly hair. It's not even manly macho or hairband. It's Sweet Valley High.

  • Finkelstein

    Its a known fact that the WTS. hasn't promoted the mentioning of 1914 like it used to for obvious reasons.

    There may be a small segment of the JWS leave based upon the realization of 2014 and 100 years have passed but since there's a

    constant stream of people being indoctrinated daily, there are people who will take up the positions of ones who leave.


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