Is this a joke or what?

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  • Zico

    August 22nd 1947 Awake page 9 - "Women's rights that are Worth-While"

    Gulping like a drowning man Homer said there is"no fouler fiend than a woman when her mind is bent on evil." To Alexander Pope woman is "at heart a rake". To Thomas Dekker "woman is, at best, bad". Others going overboard on the other side have repeated the Hindu proverb "One should not strike a woman even with a flower". Sang the poet Herrick: "'Mongst all the rest of creatures, woman is best." But these extremes bear the same stamp of stupidity.

  • cofty

    From p12 "Blood Transfusion -One Doctor's Opinion"

    I have practiced medicine and surgery for over forty years and never yet have I given a blood transfusion, nor fractionated blood, for any purpose, and I have never had a patient any the worse for not having received it. I have had many, many patients who were bled cold from accidental loss of blood and a infusion of normal saline solution always saved them. J have had patients paper-white with anemia. The homeopathic remedy always restored their health. I have seen patients turn over in bed and die following blood transfusions. I have never seen an untoward reaction from a needed saline transfusion.

    So no blood factions but homeopathy is a cure-all. Idiots.

  • ziddina
    "Then if a girl understandingly takes care of herself while the ovum is at large and is causing sex disturbance and cravings within her..." 1961 Awake magazine from Leolaia's post page #1...

    haha Along with LouBelle's "beware boys, my ovum's at large and i'm in sexual overdrive. ..."

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