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  • wolfman85

    As many of you know I don't speak English well. I posted a topic that nobody answered . Let me try this last time with fewer words. After being a JW, where do you think will be all Christian hope, Earth or Heavens??? Thanks for your resposes.

  • cedars

    Hello wolfman85. Putting my own feelings and uncertainties to one side for a moment, I would say that the over-riding message of the new testament is that righteous people are resurrected to life in heaven. There is little or no material in the bible to support the Society's teaching of life on a paradise earth when we die.


  • Lozhasleft

    Wolfman, hello. This issue is not one that troubles me over much. I personally believe I have a heavenly calling as many others do. The JWs teach that a separate 'class' of Christian will live forever on earth...mainstream Christendom believes that everyone goes to heaven. I am leaving it with the one who has been given all authority for these things, Jesus Christ.

    Loz x

  • FlyingHighNow

    Not saying I agree with this book in its entirety, but it's an interesting read. It was suggested to me by Father Mic Shriver, a former Roman Catholic who had become an Episcopal priest:


  • moshe

    Any hope has to be a spiritual one , heaven, another dimension, maybe? Our Earth will become too hot for humans to live on (expanding sun) in a few hundred million years, so life on this planet can't be eternal.

  • okage

    Scripturally speaking, heaven. Paradise was a concept for Adam. When Adam sinned, man was banished from the Garden. Many religions, including the Society, believe that earthquakes either destroyed or swallowed the Garden. So Paradise is lost.

    That's why Christ rode up on a donkey and said "Now we're taking this party to the sky" Matthew 4:20 (not really).

  • NVR2L8

    After I found out the truth about the WT "truth" my whole way of seeing the future changed. I no longer care nor worry about a "earthly or heavenly" hope at all. If there is no life after this then one day I will just not wake up and that will be the end of it...and if there is I will wake up into a new strange place...I know some people believe in reincarnation...but without any clear memories of your previous life why would it matter? No one has ever come back from the afterlife to give us tangible proof...

  • sinedie

    At the moment I am more inclined to be an athiest. However, I am opened minded regarding the unknown.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I have no idea what my calling is. I lean towards an earthly calling, but I really don't have a basis for it. Likely because it's what I know

  • NVR2L8

    Sinedie: The unknown is like an empty room that you can furnish with what ever you like...the problem is when someone else want to fill your room with their ideas and fears...

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