re: JW Study - an update. I've heard back from him!!

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  • Fernando

    A possible question:

    Mate why are you not able to explain "legalism" and its exact opposite to me from your heart?

    If he has half a brain, and half a grain of sincerity, he will end up reading an article in the Watchtower library that reads like a summary of ISOCF.

  • punkofnice

    What ways are available?

    1. Brutal honesty. (If he is under mind control he'll switch off from you immediately).

    2. Subtle questioning. (Will he smell a rat?)

    3. Withdraw from the 'religious' side of the conversation. Leaving him to it.........for now.....forever.

    ....what have I missed?

    All depends on how well you know this geyser and whether you'd get DF'd if he rats on you. I'll wager he's being 'encouraged'(TM) by elders or who he 'studies'(TM) with.

    Beware you are now an MDA like me (Mentally diseased apostate). Whereas I appreciate you want to rescue him, it can be a bit of a fine line to walk.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Biggest problem with JW's:

    as you aint sayin anything good about god or showing me the path to follow???

    They fulfill pauls words about being tossed about following any utterances. They are so conditioned by the BORG that when you lay bare the faults of the WT$ the only thing that keeps them in is the fact you dont show them another religion/organization to blindly follow?!?

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    He doesn't sound that he's all that smart. Probably best for him to have something in life which gives him guidance, even if it's the JWs.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Broken Promises-DAMN! I was thinking the same thing!!!

  • carla

    Sounds just like my jw when he first was getting in. They want/expect someone to tell them who they should follow, what to believe, how to wipe their nose! If they were truly believers in God they would trust Him to guide them as the Bible states 'you need no man to teach you' but rather the Holy Spirit, but the wt has fired the Holy Spirit so you will not make much headway in that department.Try to tell them to just read the Bible (not the NWT) and they will already have been indoctrinated with the idea that they couldn never understand it without 'help' from someone and only the wt has the correct way.

    Sounds like he is all in already, sorry.

  • Bella15

    Poor thing ... so what if got dates wrong the bible says only he knows the hour ...

    This is so Watchtower mentality/indoctrination ... when I see this type of thinking makes me so sad, reminds me of my niece who was sexually abused by 3 different JWs, her grandma (my mother) was like, so what if she suffered so much at the hands of 3 JWs this is how god cleans the organization (supposedly the perpetrators were going to lose priviledges) ...

  • tornapart

    I think what you have done is pulled the rug out from underneath him. He's completely shaken by everything you have told him. I know that feeling well as it happened to me. However I was ready for it. He had something that gave him happiness and now it's been taken away from him He's suffering from cognitive dissonance, a very uncomfortable feeling. He probably knows everything you say is true but doesn't want to believe it. The result is a feeling of anxiety and depression.

    Can you give him something positive for him to cling to? He obviously loves God, he loves Christ. Show him he doesn't need to lose that, he can still draw close to them without an organisation. You've given him all the negative stuff, now give him something positive and upbuilding. He thought he'd found something wonderful, now he's lost it.

  • NVR2L8

    It may already be too late for him...what you told him is confusing him and just a few lame words of reassurance from the elders had him turn on you...apostate! He already believes the WT truth (current truth that is) and facts about the JWs mean nothing. The brothers say it is the must be so because they are the only one preaching, united, politically neutral and they love each other...There is no deception in the WT, only errors from an unperfect organization, errors corrected in due time under God's direction.

  • maccauk11

    You have ot remember they have been conditioned to think every one on the outside is evil and hate them. Until he has the confidanc eto consider all things like we are encouraged to do by the scriptures then you will get knowwhere.This game of spiritual tennis i call it is a waste of time.As a Christian he is you brother because he aslo believes in Jesus. SO you need to tell him you love him as a brother evne if eh does not accept you as a sister or brother. Then you have go him because the bbile says if someone is not agianst us thne they are for us. So your common ground is the fact you a both believe in Jesus. So in love you can tell him about the wonderful lov eof Jesus your walk wiht him what he has doen in your life.How he set you free form enslvement by man. So dont serve up doctrine at him serve up love . Because you have declared him as your brother that will bother him



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