Why Did Romania's Jehovah's Witnesses Disfellowship The Governing Body For Apostasy?

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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    And this is a post from a Romanian ? who shed some inside light in this group a couple of years ago :

    There are a several groups and individuals throughout Eastern Europe referring to themselves as "Jehovah's Witnesses" with differing opinions and theological stands. A lot of misinformation has been written about them, one being that they "only" use Rutherford's writings. That is untrue. Many use Russell's and Rutherford's writings, but most (but not all) will not use anything from Knorr or those after him.

    One main reason for these groups is because of changes in Watchtower Corporation's doctrines. These countries were under communist or other governmental control and were out of touch with the Brooklyn Watchtower corporation. When they finally became free, they saw the many doctrinal changes Brooklyn made and were shocked.

    You can get more information on a few other similar groups on our website at http://tfjw.org (True Friends of Jehovah's Way - True Faith Jehovah's Worshipers) under the "About" link. There is also a Romanian site for the "Christian Group of the Holy Way" at http://www.grupcaleasfanta.ro/ We are currently translating Sas Gavril's writings from that site to English and Slovak.

    It should be understood there are many different groups such as these, with differing thoughts or certain levels of "strictness" or "liberty." Many are also similar to the old Bible Students of Russell's era, while others are more like Rutherford's group before 1942.

    It should also be mentioned that not all who call themselves "True Faith" mean that they alone have the truth. A distinction has to be made, especially in certain areas of Eastern Europe as to which "JW" group is being referred to. Those who call themselves "True Faith Jehovah's Witnesses" or "True Faith Jehovah's Worshipers" consider the current Watchtower Corporation to be the "man of sin" espousing false doctrines.

    Instead of "reformed", it is more of a "reorganized" set of groups, from the old days, before so many major doctrinal changes were made or discarded for others.

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