Gen.3;24 places the cherubim, and A flaming sword to guard, why?

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  • jam

    But strangely after the massive flood that covered

    the whole earth, the Tigris and Euphrates river remain,


  • tec

    Eden did not go anywhere. (the spiritual realm)

    Adam and Eve were cast out... out of the spiritual realm and into the physical realm. The spirits that they were/are had been placed within vessels of 'clay' (flesh/physical)... so they could no longer be within the spiritual realm. So Eden is 'where' it has always been... but flesh and blood (as we are) does not access it. We must be 'changed' first.

    We went somewhere... not Eden.



  • TimeBandit

    The need for ANY such trees in the garden is proof that the 'creator' was an idoit who didn't trust his own perfect creation...In short, god is a fucknut....


  • jam

    Wow Chris, I have A feeling you don,t care much for

    the one in the Celestial realm.

  • cedars


    I hope you find my article on the subject helpful...


  • criticalwitness

    another interesting tid bit old wchtwr mags have said that prehaps satan as the snake first took a bite of the fruit and them began speaking to show first that he didnt die then as well that it had potential to enlighten one. but compare this tree to the arch of the covenant which rep the presence of god himself! this didnt have a need to be protected more so than a fruit tree that was just a test? their was no cherubs with flaming sword gaurding arch in fact it was carried in a beat wagon even spent time in pagan hands what about punishment for both uzziah touched arch struck dead adam eve touch eat fruit live for another 900years?

  • Flat_Accent

    Was there a giant hedge and a gate surrounding Eden? Why would God have walled off the area when there were no other humans around, and the rest of the Earth was also a paradise? Also, how would Adam know what a spinning sword was? He'd never seen one before. . .

    So it would seem Jehovah invented the sword. And the hedgerow! What wonderful provisions our heavenly father has given us.


    “OK , Why was it necessary for God to places A arm cherubim to guard the way to the tree of life?”

    Like all good fairy stories there has to be surreal elements that encourage the reader to believe that anything is possible. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, War of the Worlds and so on. I enjoy a good magical fantasy as much as any cherubim. As long as it doesn’t diminish my ability to distinguish fiction from reality.

    The General Who Became A Slave.The Slave Who Became A Gladiator. The Gladiator Who Defied An Empire.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    If they were "perfect" and not going to die, why was there a Tree of Life there at all? Why no mention of magic (go Sparlock!) Tree of Life in divine commands re Tree of Knowledge?

    Oh that's right, it's all total bollocks I forgot.

    The myths of old including the bible accounts in genesis, dragons, giants other mythical tales are created by man to explain away questions about existence, why we grow old and die, what huge bones found on or in the ground or rocks mean, etc.

    By and large these early explanations are very inadequate and faulty having been based on faulty premises and logic and data.

    We now (should) know better than to believe them.

  • criticalwitness

    jehovah god addresses the snake gives him punishment will stay on belly eat dust but doesnt kick out of garden with adam and eve? if it was satan which genesis never says why allowed to stay? he was instegator? he didnt even get kicked out of heaven? something is wrong here

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