Would you support "Open Carry" legislation in your state?

by Glander 71 Replies latest social current

  • BizzyBee

    I wonder what are the odds of a) being confronted by a life-threatening weaponator and b) simultaneosly having a weapon on or near your person, and c) effectively using that weapon to disable your attacker?

    Secondarily, I wonder what are the odds of a) having a gun in your house for "protection", b) having that gun loaded, and c) having that gun found by either a curious child/grandchild or a temporarily enraged adult and, d) harming/killing a loved one?

    I will check on the statistics.

  • Twitch
    Those of you who believe that Christians should not be armed, remember even the Apostles carried personal weapons. I'm sure if they were available, they'd be carrying Beretta's too.


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