Facebook Witnessing

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  • therevealer

    Not just the clothes people. There were also picknickers. Beautiful yes, but picknickers. No goin off and spending money at worldly eateries. Save that money for the contribution boxes and ATM machines inside. All hail Allah oops sorry Jah.

  • moshe

    Quite a few of these people I can find on zabasearch- home address and phone number. Don't people value their privacy anymore? One sister combined her maiden name with her married name, thinking that made her anonymous- not so, zabasearch immediately figured out this alias and linked that name to her husband. In fact, the more I look at the list, I see a lot of these names are derivative aliases- I don't think JWs want to publicize their religion using their real names.- and besides, does the GB want them on Facebook?

  • exwhyzee

    Dressing up is all they've got....it's not about pleasing God, it's about their own image and P.R. Still, that was a nice thing for the author of that article to say however if he'd have said anything to the contrary, he'd have been dismeissed as a tool of Satan. Nice comment or not , JW's on the whole still trust that the author and his loved ones will soon be destroyed at armageddon.

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