Has anyone ever put a flyer / note in the donation box

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  • JakeM2012


    If your going to put in the receipt from a topless bar timing it a few weeks before the circuit overseers visits will certainly cause a stir. Gives the appearance that Holy Spirit divulged this secret sin. Make sure there is some perfume on it. I like putting in some cigarettes in the bookbag with a playboy lighter that he is taking to the elders meeting and maybe the largest bottle of Crown Royal you can fit in his case. It would really make the others mad when you only put one glass in.

    Everything else is invisible. So I donated invisible money. I wonder if they ever got a check that had a stop payment on it?

    I always loved it when some unemployed sister that was going through financially difficult times would leave a check for $400 in the world wide work box. The congregation could not even pay for the loan on the remodel but WWW was feed by the poor. I can't tell if they thought that God would pay them back? or they were donanting to the local congregation for the recent renovation. I think the funds are intentionally confusingly named to net the most for the society. Brothers would drop large amounts into the Kingdom Hall building fund when we were talking about new chairs, carpet, and paint. They mistakenly thought they were helping out on the remodel.

    Designs-I always loved it when the brother reading the account statement would get so emotional and the audience would applaude for the deficit. By WTBTS proceedure to tally the accounts of the circuit, there is not a corporation on earth that could show they were not close to bankruptcy. I haven't missed the circuit assembly busienss meetings.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    I always loved it when some unemployed sister that was going through financially difficult times would leave a check for $400 in the world wide work box.

    You may have been using a hyperbole, but if she's donating that much money when she needs it herself... no wonder she's in financial strife!

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    No but this is a good idea

  • puffthedragon

    When I quit being accounts servant because an [email protected]@hole elder moved into the hall and said I was doing it wrong and he was taking over, I put $25 in pennies in one box and $30 in nickles in another. I still had a key so I just got to the hall early and opened the box and put it in instead of putting it through the slot.

    And I made sure he knew it was me.

  • tiki

    why mess with it? people throw money away all the time....if only they realized....

  • zeb

    speaking of fliers.

    On this day the Royal Flying Doctor Service began taking medical care and transporting patients across the vast Australian outback.

    Probably not many of you know about the RFDS well go to Google and look it up.

    It was started by the Re. John Flynn (oh shock horror a clergyman aaargh!) I wonder what the society could do with its millions. But operating a 24/7 emergency aeroplane rescue service and landing on rough farm airstrips to give aid or take away the injured or in birth, well, this would mean missing meetings, going to college and attaining nursing or doctors degrees, learning how to maintain the aircraft in impossible situations.....

    The RFDS for years relied entirely on donations from the public.

    Please go to Google and look it up you will be astounded!

  • Londo111

    I've considered putting in monopoly money. And perhaps writing in the margins such things as:
    * There is no deficit.
    * Not one red cent.
    * How are the hedge funds working out?
    * Menlo!
    * I'll give real money, when you start giving out real information.

    What about putting in bread or lettuce? With a note attached saying, "Food at the proper time!"

    Alas, Brother Franz would not approve of these tactics. So I will refrain.

  • theBGB

    I always wanted to put in a note like from the song 'Signs' by E.L.O. :

    "Thank you lord, for thinking about me. I'm alive and doing fine."

    Course that would be pretty hypocritical of me because all my years in the Jw I never once felt like thanking the 'lord' for anything, or that I was doing fine...

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