Has anyone ever put a flyer / note in the donation box

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  • biometrics

    Has anyone ever put a note / flyer in a JW donation box?Or has anyone ever found one in a donation box? What was your reaction?

    I've heard of some putting stickers in literature (before it's published).

    I was thinking of dropping a few in the donation box (When I visit my elderly mother I sometimes go to the meeting).

    What would be a good note?

  • finallysomepride

    i used to put lolly rappings into the donation box LOL

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep


  • blindnomore

    How about write $100 on a blank paper along with a note, 'fake christian deserve fake money' or 'You claim to be God's mouth piece I claim to be Mint' or 'Your Public talk and Watchtower Study deserves this'....

  • biometrics

    I was thinking s omthing so short they can't help but read it. Like:

    I found the truth about the truth at jwfacts.com

    It will stick in their mind, and drive them crazy if they don't visit the site.

  • C6H12O6

    maybe an I.O.U?

  • biometrics
    maybe an I.O.U?

    How about an apology.

    Sorry - I was wrong - Charles Taze Russell

  • designs

    I did at a Circuit Assembly clipped to a check. I called them on false accounting (remember the constant deficits each circuit supposedly runs) and told them to stop guilt-tripping the friends over donations (money issues).

    Got a nasty response from the Society, City Overseer, and I lost all priviledges in the KH.

  • moshe

    I know what I would give the KH

  • Magi

    Maybe put in a receipt from a topless bar and have it signed under the name of an elder.

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