Are you approved to report (from the km for july)

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  • Sapphy

    If you're a regular publisher and actually do 8 hours 15 mins, then you round up to 12 hours.

    Doing 130 hours a month isn't as hard as it sounds, if you count your time flexibly.

    Leave house at 8:30, put a leaflet through a neighbours door and pioneer stroll to your favourite cafe. Have coffee ostentatiously reading a WT or AWAKE! and then leave the set of mags at the coffee house when you're done. (Count 2 mag placements, & 1 RV)

    Pioneer stroll to the meeting for field service at 10:00 , count your time since you probably lead it. Spend ages making sure people have territory / partners etc.

    Do an hour's first call, then head to different coffee shop. Make that last til lunch. After lunch, wander round your territory calling at empty homes & posting magazines, count as return visits.

    By this time it's probably 3:30 & you can pick up the 'young one' from school whose parents need help studying with their kids. Take them home and fling on a JW DVD.

    If you're lucky the family will offer you dinner. Stay til 6:30.

    8:30 - 6:30, you've never been off the clock, you placed 12 mags, did 6 RVs and one bible study. 10 hours.

    Do this 3 times a week & you can even have weekends off.

  • therevealer

    Great insights, LOL. Increments, excrements. Yada, Yada..

  • LostGeneration

    Reminds me of the DC invitation last year where they stated you could "qualify for everlasting life"

    Like its some sort of game show...

  • therevealer

    Or Gong show!!!

  • sir82
    "special approval" to report in 15 minute increments???

    Field service time is always to be reported in integers - full hours.

    The "15 minutes" refers to very elderly or extremely ill JWs - those whose circumstances won't allow them to even do 1 full hour per month.

    For those people, they can report "as little as" 15 minutes in a single month, and they will still be counted as active.

    You have to be "approved", meaning, you better be on death's door, or else you are expected to put in at least one full hour per month.

    For example, we have a 90+ ex-special pioneer in our congregation. Completely senile - doesn't know her own name, does not recognize anyone, can't speak. Is taken to the meetings in a wheelchair where she proceeds to sleep thru the whole thing.

    But because she has 70+ years of "full time service", it is important for her relatives that she be counted as a "regular publisher" right up to themoment of her long-delayed death. So they turn in a field service report for her each month, 15 minutes. In a "good month" they'll put down 30 minutes.

    I have no idea what she does that is counted as "field service". She can't speak a coherent sentence, and her last rational thought was likely in the Clinton administration.

    Didn't they used to wheel the senile 100 year old Carey Barber onto the sidewalk in front of Brooklyn Bethel with a magazine pinned to his suit? They'd leave him there drooling for a few minutes, then wheel him back in, and count his "time" every month.

    Maybe they pin magazines to this poor old lady's wheelchair and take her for a stroll around the nursing home.

    It's quite sad, the games that people do to put on this air of, of, what? loyalty? perseverance?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    what a load of caca. What secretary is not going to "approve", anyone for minimal service. Not approving them would result in an uptick of inactive ones and then the CO hounder is on u

  • panhandlegirl

    Is this not the craziest thing I ever heard . I have been gone so long and they have become so controlling that I find it hard to believe that anyone could put up with so much control.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Been this way for some years now:

    *** km 3/03 pp. 4-5 par. 14 Be Zealous for What Is Good! ***

    14 Are there infirm publishers in your book study group who have great difficulty sharing in the ministry? If some are in residential care facilities or are confined to their homes, it is understandable that their opportunities to witness will be limited. But by taking advantage of their limited opportunities to let their light shine, they may move those who see their fine works to take a real interest in the truth. (Matt. 5:16) Book study overseers should be sure that such ones know that they can report field service activity in increments of 15 minutes. Being able to report the time they spend witnessing encourages these faithful publishers, and it brings them joyful satisfaction. It also helps to ensure that the worldwide report of the activities of God’s people is accurate.

    Incidentally, an unbaptised person needs BOE approval before going D to D. Even after baptism this approval can be withdrawn. I know of a sister who has been baptised 20+ years but has not been allowed in FS for some years now. I don't know why.


  • ShirleyW

    Wait a minute, all this breaking down hours to 15 minutes is making my head spin.

    What scripture do the Dubs claim that leads them to count their time anyway? I'm sure there is one scripture they totally misinterpreted since they claim everything they do is from the Bible.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    All this reminds me of a drug dealer back in the day. He would issue brownie points and demerits to those who worked with him. He had everyone on a leash

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