Do you ever get the feeling your overlooked ? Invisible ?

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  • Azazel

    You know smiddy i find this forum a real site for therapy to get over being a JW . But like all therapies its not needed forever and in a way its kinda good to see people not needing the contact here as much ( not because they dont like the company here but their lives are moving on) the therapy is working. I woudnt take it personally smiddy its not directed at you.

    For me personally ive switched to facebook as a social connection because i have convinced myself of the falseness of the JW cult and i no longer need to discuss it anymore. My girlfriend is very understanding and i have my moments of debriefing over my jw experiences with her and she knows how to make me feel better .

    Im ready to have a winter bonfire and put to flame anything i have that has a connection with the Watchtower and then my life will be normal.

    My bucket list has been ticking off at a great rate these days.

    Donated blood. Smoked some dope. Smoked cigars. Enjoyed guilt free sexual relations. Birthday parties. Easter eggs. Working on more :)

    Dont worry smiddy i find your posts interesting but i just dont have something to say most times.



  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Toughen up princess

    I tend to read more than respond these days. In many ways I've moved on from the JWs so I don't even read many of the threads anyway.


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