Have you ever explained to worldly people that JWs are control freaks?

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    If any-one starts a coversation about religion I always tell them I used to be in a high mind-controlled cult myself and did my best to recruit new members at every opportunity, honestly believing I was doing the "will of God" and "saving their lives" but fortunately, saw the light and escaped.

    They laugh but always want to know more.

    I then tell them about the indoctrination techniques, the fear and guilt control tactics and then the paedophile cover-ups. I also explain that this religion enjoys charity and tax exempt status.

    The response is usually disgust that the government allows such a religion to continue.

    I still don't reveal the name of the organisation until I have mentioned the chances are they will probably have encountered innocent members of this cult themselves who have also been brainwashed, deluded and who have also unwittingly been recruited and duped into spending all their free time at meetings and conventions learning new mind-control techniques to gain maximum success in converting yet more new members.

    I hint that they will almost definitely have heard of this international corporation that destroys families in its persuit of power and money by forcing its members to completely shun as "evil" any ex-members who walk away, even members of their own family purely because the leaders know ex-members will inform their loved ones that they are not "serving God" but a multi-million pound property development pyramid scheme disguised as a religion.

    Then I reveal the name.

    I am way more successful as a mentally diseased apostate anti-witnessing than I ever was as a dubbie!

  • cheyenne

    I like your tactic, Amelia.

    In many ways, the JWs have EXCELLENT public relations. Yes they're derided, seen as an annoyance, and generally people aren't rushing to join them because the whole thing sounds to worldly people like a giant bore, BUT they've also managed to represent themselves as being very upstanding and pure and good. They're the nicest neighbors, and the most well-behaved student, and mild-mannered at work, etc. This is the result of top-down manipulation, purgings, and tortoruous high-control abuse, but it's effective and it's made non-JWs think that all JWs are just oh so super nice and everything that happens in their religion must be nice.

    I've talked to a few people about JWs. They're supportive and understanding, but it does make me feel like they think I'm making things up.

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