Have you ever explained to worldly people that JWs are control freaks?

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  • Iamallcool
  • ShirleyW

    No, have you?

  • Iamallcool

    No, if I say something like that, they might think I am crazy or something like that. Sometimes it is hard for me to explain to some of my friends what JWs are like. I usually do not bring up JW stuff, when they bring it up, I do not talk about it that much then I change the subject.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I stopped trying to explain JW doctrine to non JW's. It just sounds like I took crazy pills for 10 years

  • steve2

    Many years ago, after I had been out of the organization a mere few months, I drummed up the courage and began to disclose to a respected non-JW acquaintance just a little bit of what I had been through in the months leading up to my being kicked out of the organization for "apostasy". I had been feeling unbelievably isolated and lonely. She looked at me with wide-eyed incredulousness and declared that her JW family neighbors in childhood were nothing like that and would never be so cruel. Her unhelpful declaration effectively silenced me. I knew not to say any more.

    Some people are just not safe to talk to. They just don't get it and cannot even disguise the fact that they don't get it.

    One positive outcome of some other experiences like this was I really valued the company of people who "got it" and gravitated to them. Besides, as time passed, I was less inclined to even need to disclose my background, so it was less of a big deal deciding who would or would not be empathic.

  • carla

    As a non jw married to one, I have told many many people about jw's and the control they have over their members. Their response? "wow, sounds like a cult!" or "how sad, sounds like they have no hope". I could go on and on but basically just a short synopsis of jw's & doctrines pretty much disgusts most people. Getting the word out is not that hard and no need to trash them, they are their own worst enemy with the way they treat non jw family members, pedophile issue, blood issue, silly rules, unscholarly work, etc....... take your pick one topic is usually enough to turn people off to jw's.

  • Phizzy

    I do, as often as possible, I have found it a waste of time to say anything about their cult nature, people do not agree, because they find the little old ladies that knock on their door quite sweet, if perhaps a little odd, but they do not see "Scary Cult".

    But to say they are a high control group who wish to dictate every aspect of a members life might come as a slight surprise but the public do understand because they have seen it in action over Christmas and Birthdays etc.

    I then add, if possible, that they are a mind-control group too, and explain how that works, this is rare though to be able to go that far, but the "control freaks" concept is easy to get over, and I think we should, and at every opportunity, as this alone is enough to warn people that they should investigate thoroughly before getting involved.

  • panhandlegirl

    I tell those I work with about the control the WTS has over it's members. I tell them about the shunning and that the majority of my familly shuns me and my brothers. One of my friends told me her son told her that the JWs were

    coming to his house for a visit. She told him what I had told her about the JWs and he said then he was not going to let them in his house. Others have told me that because of what I have told them, they will not ever have

    anything to do with them. I tell them that it is the organization in NYC that is evil but the people are just people who are misled but will disown their family if they dare leave it. I tell them it is like the Mafia, you cannot leave of

    your own free will. I have told them about 1975 and about them not approving of us getting a University degree and anything else I can tell them. I am not going to let them get away with ensnaring anyone I know or anyone they

    know into this organization. I also tell them my mother bled to death because of the JW belief against blood transfusions. They believe what I tell them, and if they doubt it, I present them with the proof. I am a advocate

    against the WTS.

  • flipper

    Yes I explain this to non-Witness people all the time. I look for opportunities to expose how dangerous a mind control cult the Jehovah's Witnesses are


    The Men at Bethel that run the Watchtower Society do seek to control. However, most rank and file Jehovah's Witness do not realize that they are part of a high control group, that uses tried and tested techniques to control them. As the group of sincere bible students under Pastor Russell has grown into an international organization, controlling the members and keeping them in step has become a priority.

    The requirements for membership are the same as all other high control groups or cults. The leadership demand unquestioning obedience and faith in the organization. All pronouncements from their leaders are unique and truthful. Any member that disagrees or questions is to be warned, watched and then if not repentant, disassociated and shunned.

    The average Jehovah's Witness is motivated by fear of losing something they have come to value.

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