Jehovah's Witnesses - Faith In Action Part 2 - thoughts?

by Captain Obvious 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • ziddina
    "...One thing that that should be noticed in this video is the commentators repeatedly say the organization from Russell's time has always been preaching the truth.
    The fact is the the people who were running the WTS. right back from Russell's handling were nothing but religious charlatans who doctrines were constructed to attract attention from the public and their published works. ..." Finklestein

    You might try presenting her with the historical evidence that Russell himself was a con artist - most noteably the "miracle wheat" fiasco...

    His divorce was a disaster, too - there were indications that he'd engaged in totally inappropriate behavior with a young girl/woman who had come to live with he and his wife. The court records on that divorce are available on-line, I believe.

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