Jehovah's Witnesses - Faith In Action Part 2 - thoughts?

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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Most of us remember the thread last month about the video that was supposed to be watched in prep for discussion at the meeting. Well at the end of this month, there is a discussion on part 2.

    Part 1 had at least that one big glaring lie, about what the bible students were expecting in 1914. It then went on in the usual fashion, blaming the students themselves for having made up their own expectations....

    Tis was the first time I had watched it since my wake up, and it was amazing to be able to see right through the BS! It was a great feeling. My wife seemed deeply offended that I would so much as suggest that the video would lie! I didn't get a chance to show her anything from old pubs on the subject unfortunately.

    My question is, does anyone know of any such lies or cover ups in this video? I will be watching it soon, and just want to know if there will be anything I might otherwise not notice. My brain still goes on autopilot whenever anything WT related goes on and I don't want to miss a great un-witnessing opportunity.

    It has to be tough for an Org. With such a spotted history to make a book or video about their own history without lying, or looking like the fools they are.

  • Finkelstein

    It has to be tough for an Org. With such a spotted history to make a book or video about their own history without lying, or looking like the fools they are.

    But they did and they selectively present information that only represents the WTS. in good truthful light.

    Similar to how the WTS. only selectively picks information that would or could support their own doctrines.

    One thing that that should be noticed in this video is the commentators repeatedly say the organization from Russell's time has

    always been preaching the truth. The fact is the the people who were running the WTS. right back from Russell's handling

    were nothing but religious charlatans who doctrines were constructed to attract attention from the public and their published works.

    There was NEVER any viability to the WTS. expressed doctrines, this video was created most likely to contravene all the badly exposing

    facts surrounding this religious organization, most notably being spread on the inter-net.

    I guess they felt they had to do something to maintain the support, even to the necessity of presenting false information

    of self supporting propaganda.

  • Joliette

    Both Faith in Action 1 and 2 look beautiful to any active and believing JW's but to us, its a bunch of watered down reactments and a lot of omitting, double standards, and ramblings of faithful and discreet members who are there last leg literally (think Ted Jaracz and John Barr). It bascially gives a fairy tale account of their history. They leave a lot out, giving the public the illusion of a flawless and faultless organization.

  • Finkelstein

    One other thing these guys don't talk about for obvious reasons is the subject of Pyramidology.

    They say that the public was thirsting for the truth and Russell gave it to them when the exact opposite actually happened.

    So now its a case of creating lies to cover previous lies, to make the appearance of the truth, hows that for corruption.

    As I pointed out recently the commentators continually say the organization was preaching the truth, when the exact opposite

    is the real truth. What does one expect from the top executives leaders of the WTS. to say ?

    The WTS. had produced probably the biggest formulated lie from a religious organization popularized by printed publications to cultivate

    attention to its literature and that was the return of Christ and the impending doom of Armageddon upon mankind and still attracts attention and holds

    people mentally enslaved to this suggestion for over a century after the original proclamation.

  • sd-7

    Well, what was glaring about Part 2 of the series was its lack of actual details about significant portions of the organization's history. Much of it focused on persecution (with a rather violent reenactment in there) and pretty much showcasing their ability to use bluescreen and current Witnesses dressed up as '30s Witnesses for reenactments.

    I mean, it's bare bones, if that; the Proclaimers book was more thorough by far. It actually makes me wonder why they bothered doing this? They seemed to have skipped over like 30 years' worth of organizational history with only a passing glance. With so much information out there, it would have been smart to actually address some of the real issues that say, apostates might bring up, just to have an official story that shuts down curiosity for the 'honest-hearted, loyal' types.

    Did I see anything that stood out as a lie? No. I did note an interesting coincidence: as persecution and court cases increased, the number of new recruits started increasing. And what better way to get on the map than to, perhaps intentionally, I may be wrong, put your people in the positions of martyrs and victims? All Rutherford had to do to stop some of it was stop selling the literature, that way there'd be no need to worry about the issue of JWs needing a license from the state. But the money was apparently more important than keeping his followers out of jail and trouble. And being an expert in law himself, wouldn't it be easy to frame the situation so that his organization comes out on top? The man was nothing if not shrewd in business and law, so religion would be a piece of cake. A very rich piece of cake.

    But they stayed out of danger zones, like Millions Now Living and all that. It was admittedly fun, albeit evil and vindictive, to look at now-dead Governing Body members talking in interviews. Just being able to say out loud, "You're dead," and, "Yeah, you're dead," was rather satisfying. I'm kind of glad I got to watch it alone, well, except my daughter popping in to look for a little while. I threw out snarky remarks and she said, "Yeah," not knowing what the heck I was talking about, of course. It was fun.


  • sd-7

    I think the thing that struck me as odd was that the literature and the ability to sell it was apparently more important than preaching the good news. They could have either offered the literature for free or simply and discreetly used their Bibles alone to preach. Instead, they make sure they put themselves in the crosshairs and get arrested, etc. The times when they wore placards reminded me an awful lot of the Civil Rights Movement. Just coincidence, I guess. Again, I may be mistaken. Nobody deserved to get the beatings some of those poor brothers received. I find that a terrible reflection on freedom and on the USA. But Rutherford could have handled that differently. He was smart enough to know better. Which is what makes me think he put those folks in harm's way on purpose.


  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    But SD7, wait! Doesn't persecution mean we're fulfilling prophecy?! Wow, this must truly be God's organization!

    I wish they would have lied again. Pointing it out really offended my wife, because the society lying doesn't compute... Therefore I must be lying, wrong, or just have a bad attitude. Poor girl thinks I will see the truth and turn from my evil ways!

    Its ok though, family study tomorrow night. She gets to pick the subject, and I help her put scriptures into context and research. Hopefully she will find out for herself that most of the JW doctrine is BS. Wish me luck!

  • factfinder

    I guess since they now have these dvds they will never update the proclaimers book which is now is 14 years old and may in fact stop publishing it altogether.

    Does anyone else think it is strange that they never publish an updated history of jws in the United States in the Modern Times section of the YB?

    If you research the Acts of jws in Modern Times section in the yearbook since the US was featured (1975 yb) you will see that most countries that were featured in the past have had updated histories featured, even Russia recently had the entire section devoted to their history.

    The US report left off in 1974.

    Since then there was major expansion and growth in the US Bethel facilities and pioneers, publishers, etc.

    All of the updated teachings, new printing methods etc.

    So much to write about.

    Each year I look to see if the US will finally be featured again in the Acts of JWs in Modern times and each year it is not.

    I think the GB is doing this intentionally.

    Am I alone in wondering about this.

    Every major country has been updated in the yb modern times section since 1975, except for the United States.

    Very strange.

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