9:40 Symposium:Motivate Right hearted Ones to Love . . . Their Spiritual Father (Acts 13:48; 16:14) Their Spiritual Mother (Proverbs 6:20)

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  • minimus

    "spititual bastards"....I like that!

  • tornapart

    And just as you said Wolfman, not a mention of Christ Jesus in all this... so the 'organisation' is our teacher, when I last looked at my bible it was the Holy Spirit that Christ Jesus sent that would be our teacher and not any man or bunch of men...

  • Gayle

    when was the term"mother" for the WTS last in 'print?'

    the wts has learned they can get away with 'saying' ridiculous things at assemblies/conventions as long as it isn't in 'print' too much.

  • leaving_quietly

    w61 2/1 par. 14. That's the last time it appeared in print in relation to this scripture. Struck me as odd at the DC, too, so I've been doing research on it. Since it was printed before I was even born, then of course it sounds new. But, alas, old teachings are becoming new again. I have heard the term "mother" in relation to the organization, but it was always because it was a "bride class" for Jesus (from Rev 21:2,9), and since we are her children (I'm guessing Rom 9:8), in that sense, it made sense at the time. However, I don't think Solomon had any inkling of relating "father" and "mother" in Prov 6:20 to Jehovah and "his organization". I think he was literally talking about human fathers and mothers. This is a bit of a stretch.

  • Gayle

    Thank you, leaving_quietly!! Wow, 51 yrs later.

    Here's a recording of the talk at convention this summer, (with interjected good points from commentor):


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