Emergencies: What Do They Hope To Do?

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  • sir82

    The "disaster plan" that congregations are encouraged to have is in response to Hurricane Katrina several years ago.

    Immediately afterward, due to relocations, several thousand JWs were unaccounted for, and the elders of local congregations couldn't figure out how to find them.

    Of course, it was the perfect opportunity for those who wanted to "fade" even more quickly, and I expect a large number of those who couldn't be found, didn't let themselves be found on purpose.

    The WTS doesn't want a repeat of that scenario, so they send reminders several times a year that each congregation should have a "disaster plan"; the elders should maintain a list of each publisher's multiple phone numbers and an out-of-state contact, etc.

    Of course, many congregations have elders who are scarcely competent to tie their own shoes, so the compliance to this "disaster plan" policy is far from 100%.

  • LongHairGal


    The religion is just repeating what secular sources have been recommending since Hurricane Katrina, etc. since they want to sound like they are "with-it". It really isn't bad advice since many witnesses are painfully ignorant about everything. A "go-bag" can only hold so much and if not updated from time to time, the bag will simply collect dust and be forgotten and if there were an actual emergency, somebody would forget all about it.

    One naive sister told me how they are preparing us to have to flee. I said to her: "where are you going to?" She couldn't answer me. Like you I believe many JWs fantasize they are going to live in the local kingdom hall while waiting for angelic direction. I know what you mean about many JWs being on prescription meds and they absolutely could not live without them for any length of time.

    You are talking about 2013 and solar flares. Well, let's hope those Mayan predictions for 2012 are not true. Otherwise the story is over for us.

    If we get one of those solar storms in 2013 and our power grids are wiped out - well we are simply screwed. You can kiss the economy (or what is left of it) goodbye and pretty much everything else for that matter! And don't anybody even talk to me about a loving creator and his plans for the earth! How the hell could a loving creator even let anything like this happen? Unless he really doesn't give a shit and this was all part of his plan.

    I would like to say "God please help us", if it would help and he doesn't hate us all that much.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Ya know I have to ask my wife that question. What do u think is going to happen and where are u going to run off to? Apparently the plan on meeting in homes is out. The KH is identified very clearly, so where is the safe haven?

  • scotoma

    Store up a supply of half-pint bottles of whisky, brandy, gin, vodka with the tax label in place to certify the bottle is legit. Also get a good stash of cigarettes or roll your own materials.

    Worth more than gold in a disaster. Gotta be discreet in usage so you aren't killed for your stash.

  • mercedes_29

    We used to be admonished from the podium to get along because we may have to share a jail cell with another witness when the beast turned on the harlot. I remember being worried that my Dad and my real brother and sister woud turn my mom and me in to the police. This disaster plan is another scare tactic. I'd stock up silver, booze and Spam - things you won't find in a JW survival plan.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    they are such dooms day people

    the JW's will be the last people I'd go running too!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    well we all know what kind of people they were during another emergancy. 911. Didn't they lock their doors? Oh my, aren't they so concerned about people?

  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    This too, will be billed as "old light" when they realize the Mormons already stockpile tons of shit for their families. Since JW's can't be doing what the mormons already do, it will eventually come around as "god will sustain us, no need to gather and store supplies".

    I guarantee that the stockpiles of shit at Brooklyn will be used to keep those old, lifeless fucks on the GB alive and not for helping those who need it.

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