Homeopathy - Interesting Case in Australia

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  • JakeM2012

    I went to a Kinesiologist/Homeopathic recommended by numerouse sisters. I was unsuspecting. The kinesiologist placed a certain element on my chest and asked me to pull against his arm; then placed another and asked me to pull again. The "doctor" said, "Oh, see how you are stronger with this element"? That's what you need (to buy). My BS meter was pegging at this time.

    I've been in Bethels where brothers or sisters with this "training" were brought in and it was announced that you could visit them. Usually the practicioners were there for a few days. I always thought this was interesting that branches could provide the donated services of the kinesiologist/homeaphathic practicioner, but if you needed real surgery or tests that actually cost money, then the branch acted as if you were abusing the system.

    While in one African country, my wife needed a surgery performed. I accompanied my scared wife to a neighboring country which had excellent doctors. Neither the branch that I was visiting nor the branch I was from assisted me financially, nor with transportation, nor with even a place to stay. All was arranged and paid for by myself. I had even written a letter to he branch asking permission for the time for the surgery and recovery but I had to take vacation time.

    When I returned to the "home" branch after an emotionally draining operation and continued recovery for my newly wed wife, the branch read at the first "morning worship" in what I thought was a hateful tone, a lengthy list basically outlining everything that I did to take care of my wife and demonized our behavior. The opertion which would have an estimated cost of $50K in the U.S. was paid for by me. There was no cost involved to the branch nor world wide work. But the branch committee took their cheap shots, and afterward got their photos of themselves in the yearbook.

    After the major public reproof and butt chewing at the "morning worship", which I am not kidding, lasted for 10 minutes, I returned to my recovering wife in tears. I sat there in the room and thought, "I am here to build the homes of these "brothers" on my own dime and they have this much hate for me that they would publicly denouce my actions for taking care of my family responsibilty. I knew I had to suck it up for a little bit so that they wouldn't black ball me even further, but I left well within a month. Basically, the first flight that I could get out of that hell hole. I thought, if they were this hateful and uncareing, I did not need to spend my time building their "palace" branch in the middle of African prairieland.

  • on the rocks
    on the rocks

    Its quite mainstream in India...personal experience ...worked for me.

  • BroMac

    Jan De Vries - not heard that name for a while

    " Going down to see Jan De Vries "

    heard that so many times!

  • BroMac

    JakeM2012 - that is a terrible way to be treated. but the more i read on here, unsurprising. so glad your wife is ok.

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