How Does The Message Attract New Converts In Field Service?

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  • tec

    The idea of 99.9% of the world's population dying in a genocidal war didn't bother you?

    I stuck with my study for two years because I misunderstood the teaching on this. I thought EVERYONE got a second chance. Everyone, ever, including those who died at Armageddon. I was happy about that. Then, a few days after I agreed to get baptized, I was reading through the red revelation book, and I saw that everyone who died AT armageddon did not get a resurrection.

    But yet I was supposed to hope for this to happen at any moment, knowing that every member of my family, and all of my loved ones would die and never be resurrected?

    My heart hit the floor. I still thought they were the truth, but I couldn't be part of it. Figured I was too weak for it... then I did research after, that did not include JW research.



  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I suppose even if the dub knocking at the door has any clue what their message is, the response will still be a big fat NO! The message just sounds crazy now. And I think it's on purpose. They clearly don't ant people who think outsiude the box or have any sort of an education. I think Sir spelled out exactly who streams into this organization

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    The message we have to preach now at the door, is not the same we preached forty years ago. Dual income families are gone through the week, JWs usually call during the weekdays, leave tracts in gated communities. How can a JW look a householder straight in the face and say "Hello, have you noticed how close the end is?" or "Turn to the new magazine, How would you like a happy family like the new Awake shows?" (He fails to mention no JW family gathering with another family brings song books and sings the whole time. He also fails to mention most JW families are not peaceful and loving or we probably would not be on JWN right now!)

    @long haired gal: The nice sister at the door talking to lonely ones, wait till they get to know this sister. Once the magazines are placed, the householder will be lucky to see a return visit take place. When a foreign speaking person want's to practice English I would turn them over to their langauge group, only to see them fade often.

    The CO who left our area, complained how we were overlooking the new "stay at home men", he wanted to push to talk to more men out in service, that's easy for him to say. Send our poor sisters to speak with some creepy men, most of the publishers during the week were woman, so he wanted these women to check up on these stay out home men. CO J.R. had one experience of some male taking the magazines, so he opined "all stay at home men must be waiting for the magazines." Glad he moved to Fresno,California You can keep J.R. American Idol Allay!

  • Sayswho

    BA----said: "Send our poor sisters to speak with some creepy men"

    Really? WOW... So if you are a stay at home man---that makes you a creepy man? Really?? Ok Good to know.

    • Back to the topic: What is the Message being presented today? From what I can see there is not any real meat in the topic for conversation to SCARE anyone enough to want to listen to the message for long.
    • Even for those who still go in service, do they feel any real urgency to get new members?
    • The magazines only contain topics that are able to attract attention for the moment --- and there is nothing beyond that first interest to hold them like there used to be... a sense of life or death for the need to continue... Why? Because the end was so close, but now what? No real hook!


  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    "I should have wrote "Some creepy men" not all "stay at home men are creepy", Working multipule territories for close to fifty years (Nope, Mom took me in her womb 51 years), the men I would meet were not your happy progressive "fun stay at home dads" or "retirees enjoying life".

    Drunks, Drug Addicits, Convicts, Mentally Ill, Registered Sex Offenders were the usual suspects who would accept the magazines, and allow our sisters to return, requesting "only the sister return" or "please don't hand me over to a male witness or I won't take the magazines"

    Driving in the Los Padres National Forest, we came across men checking up on their pot plants, making sure they were growing. Upper Lopez Lake, we ran into some familes who looked like humanoid X-Files, Send Sister Sculley their way, Moulder can't come, he's a man!

    You might have had great success with men who stay at home, I was not big on allowing sisters to drive out into the "sticks" to meet some man who has taken an interest in visiting with only sisters, not men. Once upon a time, I actually carried in service, I am going to Hell I know!

  • maccauk11

    Many dont relaise they already have a belief in Jesus but dont know what to do with it. So someone comes along and robs you of your faith in Jesus. Most are not awake to their spiritual being due to being of the world. They become witnesses study learn etc. After a while many have become awake to their saviour and will find the Lord is calling them out to himself. Thats why many leave for soem its quickly and other sit takes years and soem they stay there evne though they know they dont belong there and belong to Jesus.

  • Sayswho

    Actually "BA" you make a valid point on "MEN"... and I should of worded my comment differently or not said anything. When my wife and I were out in service with others I never wanted the sisters to go alone or at least not be out of our sight... because of the very reason you stated about meeting "some men" at the door. There were a few times when I had a mini panic attack when we did not know where they were and actually started back-tracking to find them. Not a good feeling!


  • Zordino

    It Doesn't! Only desperate Lonely people end up converting these days. Or the mentally unstable. The only real growth is in the people from underdeveloped countries with a Low education and poor access to the internet. I just hope those people can eventually wake up faster than in took us in the developed world and really put the WT in a strangle Hold! Those charlattan's in da Tower preying on Less fortunate people.

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