How Does The Message Attract New Converts In Field Service?

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    What attracts new ones into the JW fold these days, the message, the friends, someone to listen to their problems, a personal relationship with God? What?

  • BroMac

    there arent any new ones. the growth is nothing.

    it is born ins

    or odd balls who where crocs to the kh

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    "The Message has to be preached even in territories plagued by apathy!" Waste money and time driving in circles, who are they finding to listen to their message, what benefit are they bringing to their new converts? What do they offer, we believed Headquarters received real-time updates from Jehovah but our past proves different. The great revolving door at the Kingdom Hall turns and turns, the new ones in and the older ones out!


  • alanv

    There will always be ones who are at a low point in their lives. If a JW calls on that person, they can tell the person that all will be ok very soon if blah, blah, blar.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Looking back, I see many of my studies that came into the "truth" were the bottom of their life. Once they recovered from their depression, they bailed as fast as they could!

  • BroMac

    its true. there are those who are needing support and they get it from the nice JW's who callwith the 'latest mags' that they never read. but they like having nice friendly people come and chat to them and ask how they are. and those who can be bothered to call back are generally the nicest JW's. And if they gonna come pick me them up in their nice car and take me to the kh where i can be with other nice JW's then thats fine with them.

    They havent a clue what is being said from the platform but the pictures look nice

  • BroMac

    wont let me edit.

    "take THEM to the kh" not ME!

  • blondie

    The question should be "Does the message attract new converts in field service?"

    the COBOE once had people raise their hands if they came in through d2d or through family/friends/workmates. Over 85% were first contacted by FFW. The same COBOE said that in the last 10 years of the people baptized from that congregation, only one did not have a jw family.

    The WTS concentrates on the personal problems, death of a loved one, divorce, problems with children, financial problems, etc. But most jws don't prepare ahead of time, many using the same generic presentation they have used from the last 10 to 50 years.

  • designs

    A 'householder' looks at a JW standing at their door and thinks 'I don't ever want to do that'.

  • sir82

    From the perspective of a member of an English-speaking congregation in the US:

    There are virtually no "new ones" being recruited, aside from occasional folks who are:

    -- The mentally ill

    -- Those with severe emotional issues

    -- The terminally lonely or depressed

    90%+ of baptisms are kids of believing parents.

    Foreign language congregations in the US fare much better, particularly those whose targets are recent immigrants. JWS offer an "instant community" to replace what the immigrants left behind. In such cases, the JW message is completely irrelevant - people join because they have found a group which offers support (baby-sitting, transportation, assistance finding employment, etc.) with little monetary cost. JWs could be selling vacuum cleaners door to door and would have about the same success rate as they do with their "live-saving waters of truth".

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