How Do JWs View Gluttony?

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    This thread is dedicated to the judgemental fat and not so jolly elders and elderettes (non judgemental loving brethren, please disregard!).

    In my county, some of our appointed brothers and sisters are suffering from obesity, eating disorders and heavy drinkings. What is the best way to approach brothers in charge, who are morbidly overweight, don't care about their physical appearance? Can I approach our District Overseer about his weight and the implications it has on his health insurance? Our brothers need counsel to stop eating, what advice do you offer to "fatty the judgebot?"

    Why is drinking not frowned upon? Heavy eating and drinking exists and no reproof is given to these walking time-bombs? Why are the happiest people so fat, are they just jolly?

    The point of this thread, fat gluttony strichen brothers and sisters, should not judge their fellow brothers and sisters! Our body is our temple and Jehovah and Jesus Christ do not appreciate temple defilement.

  • BroMac

    its a strange one , i have often wondered how usually the young ones get to the age of partying and drinking too much and the counsel these get from family and the elders is quite direct. now usually the young uns grow out of this phase and settle down.

    what happens to the fatties then? i know i know it CAN be medical reasons, but not everyone has medical reasons to eat 3-4 deserts! or pile up their plate at the Carvey.

    and that raises the other issue,

    how do you know ifsomeone is a glutton? fat or thin ? it can be both

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    BroMac, when a Buffet fears your car group arriving for lunch, "You might be a Gluton!"

    "When fat brother Rex cuts the wedding cake, before the married couple, it's a sign he's fat!"

    "Brother Dk works his way on plate number eight at Sister Sues funeral, he's fat!"

    "Buying a Six Foot Sub for yourself, he's fat!" Hey but let's judge the young ones for their music, clothes, hair and dresses. We are plump and jolly! Modern medicine will keep us alive until the Great Trib!

  • biometrics

    What gets me is that gluttony and poor dieteary choices are at least as bad as smoking, if not worse. Yet you'll never see a JW being disfellowshipped for being fat, having a sedentary lifestyle, eating junk, or other questionable lifestyle choices.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Why don't they preach against this Bible based topic, mention "Ehud, who killed the very fat king!" We could have the "Ehud Class", healthy young men and women. Why don't they preach what the Bible warns against? Fear of losing their fat members?

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    We had an elder who must have been way over 25 stone and his wife over 16 stone, his daughter about 17 stone and his youngest son must have been also over 20 stone too. I used to wonder how this was not a bad thing.

    Another sister deliberately made her girls so fat they would not be a temptation to men. As far as I am aware all 3 now in their 30s are still single and pioneering.

  • jojojunfan

    Gluttony will never be used as reason to council someone. If someone is already a Fat-cat in the Org and they are obese, they will not change in my opinion. They more than likely have a certain mindset, a narrow view and an aversion to looking in the mirror, and the " mirror of God's word " because the truth is hard to take. Knowing and admitting the truth requires action, which is the opposite of greed and laziness. On the other hand being to harsh with people who obviously have issues with food, probably because of emotional issues, would be cruel and unloving.

    They do need help to see the situation they are in. They are showing a disrespect for the gift of life. I am sure all people are different biologically, but wouldn't being obese and the stress it causes harm you just as much as any " defilement of the flesh " ? Surely it shortens your life as much as smoking, although I don't know any figures to back that up. Maybe obesity should be a DF'ing offense! Yes, there are some medical reasons, but as shows like THE BIGGEST LOSER have proven, it is mostly lifestyle choices.

    One outspoken and funny ( and sometimes unpopular ) brother gave a talk concerning the " Obesity " Awake magazine. He said from stage that

    " People like to say that it is in their genes, they can't help it.. Well, have you ever seen a fat person in a concentration camp!? Wait till you get thrown in prison during a time of persecution and then tell me it's in your genes.." WOW!

  • mP

    Gluttony is and should be considered a sin. Overeatting is lack of self control, pure and simple. Today half the community is obese or fat which is infinitely more than ever in the past. Smoking is bad because it introduces poisons into ones body that cause harm, the same can be said of gluttony.

    Perhaps the biggest proof that gluttony is a sin, is the fact it limits ones ability to witness. Its hard to continue witnessing when one needs to stop and visit the loo or perhaps pack in some hamburgers, or simply being too tired to go up some stairs.

  • LouBelle

    I was a fat JW. I've always had a problem with weight and was and still am up and down ( I can drop 40kgs in 4 months and put it back on in 6) I easily disposed to putting on weight. I always made sure thought that I always watch my plate, dressed well and was active - I could keep up or even over take many a thinnie.

    You keep hearing that phrase "bodily training is beneficial for little..." so you tend to put off being worried about your body in this system of things because it would all be taken care of in the new system.

    Now I'm back to watching what I eat and shedding kg's. Aint no one but me gonna do it.

  • truth_b_known

    JWs skate around this one.

    I once heard it said that the Hebrew word for "gluttony" translated in to "The eating of too much meat."

    I thought that if you're going to get DFed for smoking then you should be DFed for eating fast food and being obese.

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