Question for you atheists...

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  • steve2

    My heart is a comfort-seeking theist, my brain a superstition-rejecting athiest. Hell, I've got to be careful about the way I speak to myself let alone other people.

  • NewChapter

    I suppose I mean that I don't want to have to get in a discussion on it and blow someones mind and take away something important in their lives. I don't like to make waves. I hated preaching to people when I was an active JW, and I'm not gonna do now that I've faded.

    I hear ya Puff!

  • dm6

    All athiests/agnostics are skeptics.

    EDITZ: Steve.. haha that made me laugh

  • ozbrad

    I have zero christians friends.

    The last one was a neighbour who was a Catholic single mother of 7 but that was years ago and she knew I was a non believer.

    We had a falling out over her barking dogs.

  • NewChapter

    Those believers and their damn barking dogs!

  • Shawn10538

    Okage said, "your beliefs are your life."

    I couldn't disagree with a statement more than I disagree with that one. I am so not about beliefs. I try to SHED myself of beliefs, and carry as few of them as possible to my grave, and to heaven. But once I'm gone I hope my beliefs die with me. I do not want to ever make someone else believe what I believe. I have no interest whatsoever in convincing someone that I am right and they are wrong. I do not believe in evangelism or preaching. I like to argue sometimes for the fun of it, but religious people are the least fun to argue with. They just go around and around and say the same things over and over. Not exactly intellectually stimulating.

    But my beliefs are my life? I certainly hope my life is not as shallow and meaningless as a belief. That sounds to me like the wrost kind of hell to live in.

  • WTWizard

    I believe you should be open, but not to religions that have a track record of ruining society. Like the right-hand path religions that send missionaries into foreign lands to forcibly or treacherously recruit members that were minding their own businesses. Or that repress people's true feelings. Natural feelings need to be suppressed, or you must feel shame and guilt. They put regulations in place of true spirituality--since when is abstaining from sex "spiritual"? Or fasting? (Yes, fasting can have health benefits, but not religiously prescribed fasts.)

    And they put out rubbish in place of spirituality. Since when do you gain spirituality by understanding some deal that was between Jehovah and the Jews? Are you a Jew? If not, you gain nothing from this, and it is intentionally confusing to make people think they are not spiritual. Or, you have to somehow understand various classes that also apply only to Jews. Again, if you are not a Jew, you are wasting your time trying to fit yourself in--like taking a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that belongs in a different puzzle and trying to fit it into the wrong puzzle. It will never fit. These pieces of rubbish, along with the "turn the other cheek and take your abuse" commands are distractions and barriers to real spirituality.

    If you are in doubt, just check the first 3 chapters of Genesis without any bias. It is blatant that Jehovah was trying to enslave the whole human race, and that Satan is our Savior. Checking that out with an open mind should reveal much--including the truth about where Christi-SCAM-ity was stolen from. There is a lot to research in that department--so much that any attempts to link it all beyond Google or Yahoo would result in this forum containing about 64 exabytes. Look at it. Ask if it makes any sense. Ask why ancient cultures seemed to have more knowledge than those that are steeped in Judaism, Christi-SCAM-ity, or Islam. Ask how pre-Islam Arabia was so advanced that they came up with numerals while everyone else was using hash marks or Roman numerals. Could it be that left-hand spirituality and science are linked?

    Ask these questions. Use your favorite search engine to dig through the 64 exabytes of material that seems to be available on the subject. And ask why right-hand religion is so obsessed with destroying this knowledge, along with retarding science. You may choose to remain atheist, but at least you gain insight on right-hand religion. And, if you are currently in right-hand religion and ask these questions, you may well find yourself an ex-right hand path religion supporter.

  • Morbidzbaby

    I only mention it if someone is just assuming I'm a believer. I find that a lot of people I have contact with are more careful with saying things like "I don't know what you believe, but my feeling is...." which I find is a nice way to qualify that they aren't just assuming. Usually I'll smile and nod unless I'm either asked directly or someone assumes I believe in the bible just because I live here and most people are Christian. For example, one woman I worked with was pregnant with a little boy and they were all discussing circumcising him. I offered that I did not have my sons circumcised because it's not necessary. They came back with myths about it being cleaner, etc. Then one said "Well it's in the BIBLE and that's what god wants you to do, so you should do it!".

    So I said "Well I'm an atheist, and if that's what your god wants me to do to my child, then I'm damn glad I don't believe in him".

    Funny...they were all careful about talking religion around me after that...which is good because it doesn't belong in the workplace.

  • besty

    Religion is like your clothes - depends on where you were born.

    Personally I'm an atheist as I was born naked :-)

  • Phizzy

    I am open about my lack of belief, I always explain it as "Belief is trusting that something is true with no proof, in other words credulity, I am not prepared to do that, I want firm proof".

    If the conversation continues I will explain my open minded position, which is : I do not discount out of hand, any possibility, but without proof, the possibility that pink unicorns with purple spots, or even some sort of God, may exist,makes no difference to my life at all.

    I do not find here in the mainly secular U.K that this is a problem with anyone I speak to, but I know the U.S is very different.

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