GIVE more Money to the WTBTS

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  • RagingBull

    A 5 min. talk will be given from the Kingdom Ministry about "donating" more to the World Wide Preaching Work. Remember the woman who gave 2 coins of little value?

    Yes, JWs cannot soley leave the responsibility of donating to the wealthier JWs. Even if you have little income, you can still donate...even a little bit. :)

    also there's a part on what to say to those in the ministry that are turned of by "Religion" (taken from the Reasoning Book)

  • moshe

    Those 5 dollar checks from widows sure add up- all the the worldwide work, that the GB never has to account for.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    And just in case you have some left when you die, the June KM has an item on willing to the WTS.


  • sir82

    I have a hunch that a large, and growing, portion of the WTS income is coming from all the wealthy (and not-so-wealthy) JWs who were told "you will never grow old & die in this system things" who have, well, grown old and died.

    Many have no children, or have children who are disfellowshipped. So who to leave their money to?

    Charity? <Guffaw> They never contributed to charity their whole lives, why start now?

    Nope, it all goes to the WTS, lock stock & barrel.

    Between all the 75-ers dying off over the next 10-20 years, and the sales of their Brooklyn properties, the WTS ought to be fairly swimming in $$$ for a decade or 2.

    Of course, there isn't a bright or innovative mind in all of Bethel, so the squandering of their riches on a level that would make 18th century Spain blush is a very real possibility too.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The WTBTS is no stranger to soliciting and peddling the Word of God as the April 2012 KM shows:

    Page 3 April 2012 KM Convention Reminders:

    Donations: We can show our appreciation for the convention arrangements by making voluntary contributions to the worldwide work at the convention. Any checks should be made payable to “Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Beginning this year all conventions will accept debit/credit card donations in addition to cash and checks.

    Page 7 April 2012 KM TWO COINS OF LITTLE VALUE:

    One important way that we support Kingdom interests is by contributing financially to the worldwide preaching work. What if we are of limited means? On one occasion Jesus saw a poor widow contribute to the temple treasury two coins of little monetary value. Love for Jehovah moved her to give “out of her want, . . . all of what she had, her whole living.” (Mark 12:41-44) Jesus took note, indicating that her contribution had great value in God’s eyes. Similarly, first-century Christians did not view the responsibility of providing financial support for the ministry to be the privilege of only wealthy Christians. The apostle Paul cited the example of the Macedonians who, despite “deep poverty . . . kept begging . . . with

    much entreaty for the privilege of kindly giving.”—2 Cor. 8:1-4.

    Therefore, if we can only contribute ‘two coins of little value,’ we should remember that many small contributions can add up to a large amount. Our giving from the heart will please our generous heavenly Father, for “God loves a cheerful giver.”—2 Cor. 9:7.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    If the WTBTS is not a Cash Cow........What is?

  • Soldier77

    2 pennies... let me see them survive on 2 pennies from each publisher per month. That is about $140k (per month) or $1.68million a year.

    Sounds good to me, that should drive them to the ground faster! I don't know what corporation that could survive on that!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    ah yes, the "We don't ask for donations or tithe" talk, but we will knock a nail in your forehead and hang a sign for donation instructions in case anyone asks

  • heathen

    What a joke , no collection plate and no tithing , the world was supposed to end by now and the tower doesn't have money to keep going until the end ,now with the overlapping generation this could go on forever . Did the article include a please and a thank you or was it just another guilt trip? The lady that gave the 2 talents was under law to give 10 per cent to up keep the temple . At the time the religious system was so corrupt there was no point in it anymore and jesus said they only need excercise faith in him to be blessed anyway. I will never give a religion a dime .

  • Lynnie

    Yes my mother is convinced that the WTBTS needs more money than I do in my old age. She doesn't car if I'm homeless or on welfare, the WTBTS comes first! I've tried to show her how much real estate they have and how much money they are worth and she just thinks I'm lying!! Nice! It's not like she has a ton of money or anything but most parents want what's best for their kids but not my mother! I told her as much but that doesn't matter to her. She's even said as much to me on several occasions since "I left Jehovah" I don't deserve anything. Ah the love these people promote!

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