What will happen if I get married in a church?

by Jude Knorr 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • extractor

    If you're asking SPIRITUALLY what will happen to you...nothing. Most everything the WT says about churches is a lie.

    If you're asking what stupid man-made rules & punishments you'll endure at the hands of the WTS...the previous posts outline it.

    Congratulations by the way!

  • Fernando

    It is not scripturally and physically possible to get married in a church since in scripture the church is not a building but a living organism - the worldwide body of simple Jesus followers.

    It is of course possible to get married in a building that religionists erroneously call a "church". The physical building makes no real difference to God.

    What counts is what is in our hearts and spirit when encountering the real Jesus and the real, full and true message about him (called the unabridged gospel).

    Jesus is anti-religion/ists and pro gospel/faith/spirituality.

  • jemba

    You are taking quite a religious stance. We got married in the registry office and it was a beautiful day and it was neutral. Religion had no place on our big day. Does your partner want the church wedding? Maybe you could come to a compromise?

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