Drawings of NEW Watchtower World Headquarters in Warwick, New York

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  • Alfred

    Scroll down to last few pages to see the drawings...


    Among the ammenities are a Sand Volley Ball Court, Two Tennis Courts and a full Basketball Court...

    There's also parking garages and picnic areas for visitors...

    By the way, not sure exactly what this is but you'll notice a shaded area labelled "UNDERGOUND CHAMBER"... Interesting...

    (I wonder if moving out to the middle of nowhere was intended to keep bethelites from sneaking out at night and going to the liquor store... just saying)

  • baltar447

    That's one massive document.

  • Chariklo

    The underground chamber'll be for waiting it out during the Tribulation...if it ever comes...

  • Alfred

    You're right Baltar... sorry about that... takes a few minutes to download...

  • wannabefree

    Is this Oranization getting creepier or what? The longer it exists the more cultish it gets.

    *** w11 8/15 p. 21 A History-Making Meeting ***
    he urged all to "close ranks" with the Governing Body, to draw close together as would soldiers entering the thick of the battle. "May your heart be strong," he said, "all you who are waiting for Jehovah."-Ps. 31:24.

    That complex sure gives the appearance of a closing of ranks.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    iPad Safari crashes trying to download this thing!

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Is there anyway to post the actual drawings here? The pdf download is way to slow, I had to close it out....

  • hotspur
    By the way, not sure exactly what this is but you'll notice a shaded area labelled "UNDERGOUND CHAMBER"... Interesting...

    I can answer that - it's for storing toxic printing ink waste!

  • Alfred
  • Alfred
  • pontoon

    At least they won't be building it with our money

  • Alfred

    Any theories on what the UNDERGROUND CHAMBER is or it's future intended purpose?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Which chamber was that? I noticed one on its own and it seemd to me to be for water treatment.

  • Alfred

    Initially, that's what I thought also but then I noticed a separate area for water treatment...

  • Alfred

    I'm thinking maybe it's for future water storage...

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan


    If you are reffering to drawing CG104 (I didn't see Chamber anywhere else; please tell me where, if I've missed it), it looks like a part of the storm water management.

    When the natural runoff structure is disturbed, code requires the rainwater collected from rooftops and paved streets, that would have normally drained into the ground, to be managed before released into waterways.

    This is the reason you see pretty fish ponds and other water features around housing developments and office complexes. If all water is suddenly dumped into a nearby creek or a river, it creates the potential for flooding. Instead, the water is collected in some kind of a reservoir (fish pond, underground basin, etc. ) and then slowly released over time.

  • Alfred

    Yan... i just looked at it again...

    On page 534, it's simply labelled "UNDERGROUND CHAMBER"

    but if you back up to page 517, it appears that the same area is given a more specific label (Underground Stormwater Infiltration / Detention Chamber)...

    so you're right... thanks for catching that!

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Looking further into the Civil drawings, I noticed the lack of a consultant who is normally hired to perform this type of analysis. Interestingly, there is a sole Professional Engineer reference (Harvey Castro), which is not impossible, but highly unusual - the hiring of a one-man show for a project of this size.

    Cross reference with the online NY license verification shows the following:


    Address : WALLKILL NY
    License No: 087545
    Date of Licensure : 10/29/09
    Additional Qualification :
    Status : REGISTERED

    Registered through last day of : 09/12

    ..which can only mean one thing: now the Borg has its own PEs on staff! What is next? Their own inhouse architect, structural and MEP engineers, their own Construction Management division...the free labor we know about....

    What a separation from the world that is...

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    What paid for this work? The Society Kingdom Hall Fund? Donations to the World Wide Work? Well, at least they put out a brochure of how we should dress when visiting, that has to count for something.

  • wallsofjericho

    I like on the last page it shows all the trees they intend to plant.

    notice the comment on the shore line


    Yeah, we wouldnt want anyone peeking into your property and seeing how you spent all the millions in profits from the sale of Brooklym Heights!

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