Clear distinction of people on JWN

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  • cptkirk

    This has been an interesting science project to say the least. Here is what I have learned:

    you have about 6 types of people posting on JWN, they all fit into a profile.

    #1 you have people like me that ran the race, exemplified conduct while in the JW cult and learned through observation that there was a severe disconnect between truth, and the JW cult's statements.

    #2 you have the people from the JW cult who were failures, that could not reach the level that was expected, and they were just thrown out and are now bitter people clinging probably only to this web site for any kind of indentity. (these people you know well because no matter if your last post was 3 months ago, or 3 minutes ago, you know they will be responding, because they have nothing else to do with their time). no need to name them.

    #3 you have outsiders coming here, probably looking to push one type of agenda or another, seeing ex-jw's as prime meat.

    #4 you have just flat out sociopaths that are struggling at every possible level, believing demons are lurking in their room and talking to them, crazy shit like this. whether they were jws or not doesn't really matter, they are just looking really for a venue to feel like there are other people out there hearing voices and the like.

    #5 then you have your closet jw who is going to meetings and the whole 9, but is doubting things so they figure this is a great venue where they won't feel like they are being judged for dissenting.

    can probably throw in a #6 which is rare. people who were thrown out and then later realized the real deal, and moved on with their lives, functional lives. mainly it's people who have figured out on their own what was up, and left of their own volition, who are living normal lives now, so a #6 is probably rare.

    pretty wild....i didn't realize(the scope of) how many deluded people were seeking help online....apparently some of them spill over into here. there is a debate within intellectual circles whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. we fear that if all of these people suffering from various forms of psychoses meet together at certain web forums, it will further reinforce their madness....the other side of the coin is that they will find relief, realizing other people are suffering from the same kinds of issues.

  • mrsjones5

    Oh I don't think #6 is all that rare.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    ''can probably throw in a #6 which is rare. people who were thrown out and then later realized the real deal, and moved on with their lives, functional lives. mainly it's people who have figured out on their own what was up, and left of their own volition, who are living normal lives now, so a #6 is probably rare''.

    Where do i fit in?

    I left my wife and the WT after realizing i did not want to be a christian but still held they were the truth. After a while a got on with life, and made a good one. My coming here was the result of difficulties dealing with the ex and her use of the children to get to me. THEN i discovered the lie and have used all i have learned in the last two years to try and get my kids out.

    ''pretty wild....i didn't realize(the scope of) how many deluded people were seeking help online''

    I dont actually like your alalisis kirk, it seems to place your type (#1) as the 'genuine' and everone else as kooks, and then a by the way, maybe a rare species # 6.


  • Zordino

    Kirk, you forgot born in's who where indoctrinated at an early age (they didn't stand a chance!) and once an adult they realize the Borg is a complete sham.

  • mrsjones5

    Maybe he should included a #7.

  • cantleave

    #1 here

  • VampireDCLXV

    A #8 should include folks who grew up JW, tried to be as good as they could be but nearly lost their minds trying to fit in and gave up because it was too depressing to stay in...


  • stuckinamovement

    Amen Zordino. Those of Us "born ins" are screwed from birth.

    Captain Kirk add a 7th category

  • finallysomepride
  • bohm

    People with relatives who are in or Other indirect contact.

  • transhuman68

    I think you are all spambots generated by my ISP to make me waste my precious broadband allowance responding to your computer-generated posts. Go on, admit it! You are all a bunch of robots. I'm the only real person here, aren't I?

  • Celestial

    Is there a "Clear distinction of people on JWN" with JWs on Facebook?

    That's my question. After reading some of the threads/posts on this forum, I wonder how many here have a Facebook page with active JWs on it. I have hundreds of people on my Facebook friend's list. A good number of those individuals were once one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but left the organization. Differences relative to JWs were obviously put aside to connect as mutual friends.

    I can actually demonstrate/link hundreds of Facebook pages of Jehovah's Witnesses with former members of the faith as friends. However, reading some of these threads/posts on this forum leaves me with the impression that some differences may be irreconcilable. It may be that virtually anyone can connect in the artificial world of cyberspace with little or no common ground. But there are real people (or should be) behind Facebook accounts (especially when they have their actual face for an avatar).

  • cantleave

    That would make me a Hybrid of #1 and #7

  • finallysomepride


    yes you are right

  • Azazel

    Well im a #6 i really didnt want to be disfelowshipped and asked to not be yet they still did it to me.Best thing in hindsight they ever did.Now im free to Morph into class #666 which is "I dont give a shit for your stupid degrading putdowns of people you dont know list".


  • sizemik

    I'm an #8 . . . yes definitely an #8

  • DonutZ!

    I would say I'm a 7! Or maybe more of an 8 hmmmm

  • Ucantnome

    I don't think that it is that clear.

    No 1. I was exemplary. I was recognized at work and school because of my good conduct. I was raised to believe that our conduct was either a good or a bad witness. I was never in trouble in the congregation. I was good in my conduct with the opposite sex. Turning down sisters advances for sex on more than one occasion and finally I was able to find reasons why it wasn't the truth as I thought it was.

    No 2. In some ways I was a failure. I never made servant or elder or was never used as an adult to carry the microphone. I rarely answered and was on and off of the School some times for years at a time.

    No 4. I've not heard voices but I have had bad supernatural experiences and I believe in demons.

    No 5. I sometimes go to the Kingdom Hall but with years inbetween I don't believe most of it but it is warm and a good place to read the bible and recently spent half an hour encouraging a brother to continue to go.

    No 8. I was raised in it and yes it was really hard going in the last ten years before I stopped.

    I dont think you can categorize and classify people so easily. I think part of the problem for me in the hall was this. I was a brother and from a young age I remember sitting there thinking one day I'm supposed to be an elder and give talks etc. I had no desire to do any of those things but I did desire to please God and it was a great conflict as I got older.

  • cofty

    1 & 7

  • flipper

    Well, I consider myself a # 6. And I agree with Mrs. Jones - don't think that we are that rare of a breed ! Many of us have moved on and are having wonderful, happy lives , myself included. I just hang around here on this site because I've made some really great friends here and I want to assist newly exiting JW's who join here to start thinking freely and see that they can MOVE ON after exiting the Witnesses. So, a lot of us are NOT screwed up like you say. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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