A letter from John Steele Re: Menlo Park KH Law Suit

by Devil_Fish 34 Replies latest watchtower scandals

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    Letter is here.

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    Witness My Fury

    Some of the contents of the letter seem a bit extreme, .... sounds more like the moves Scientology would pull than the WTS. I hope that is more than conjecture on his part.

  • Londo111

    I really would like to see some evidence for these allegations. A global network of Witnesses working for Google, Netflix, Yahoo, banks, all reporting to the Society--this would be a huge conspiracy. Conspiracies of this magnitude are a ticking time bomb. All it would take it for one disgruntled Witness to come forward and bring the house of cards tumbling down. To be sure, individual Witnesses in the past have violated privacy laws, but, the scale of the spy network here, begs for more confirmation. I am not saying this is not the case, per say, but I personally have to hold things in abeyance until I see something substantial.

    There are dozens of former Bethelites on this board, perhaps they could weigh in?

  • LostGeneration

    Sigh....dude sounds like Lars, Stopthetears, JWdestroysWT and OBVES all rolled into one. Judicial clerks bought off? Email snooping by JW employees at google and yahoo? JWs at Chase bank part of the conspiracy?

    I don't know enough about the case to really comment, but sounds like the WT legal machine does what it does best...wins.

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