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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 01-22-2012 WT Study (NOVEMBER 15, 2011, pages 24-27)(HELP MEN)

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    “From now on you will be catching [people] alive.”—LUKE 5:10.



    Page 25—yes, all non-jw men have long side burns and a beard….Notice it is a WT magazine the jw is presenting…not a scripture from a bible. The jw doesn’t have a tie on….

    Page 26—now he’s wearing a tie to work and a coworker is making fun of him…like non-jws never wear ties. The “student” is carrying WT publications, not a bible. How then can he give a bible-based answer to his coworkers as the WTS said he should be prepared to do?


    1, 2. (a) How did men respond to Jesus’ preaching?

    (b)What will be considered in this article?

    DURING a preaching tour throughout

    Galilee , Jesus and his disciples boarded

    a boat to withdraw into a lonely place. But

    crowds followed them on foot. Those who

    came that day numbered “about five thousand

    men, besides women and young children.”

    (Matt. 14:21) On another occasion,

    a crowd approached Jesus, desiring to be

    healed and to hear him speak. Included

    were “four thousand men, besides women

    and young children.” (Matt. 15:38) Evidently,

    many men were among the people who

    came to Jesus and showed interest in his

    teaching. In fact, he expected many others

    to respond, for after providing a miraculous

    catch of fish, Jesus told his disciple Simon:

    “From now on you will be catching men [or,

    people] alive.” (Luke 5:10) His disciples were

    to lower their nets into the sea of mankind

    and could expect that their ‘catch’ would include many men.


    So why weren’t the women and children counted? The WTS has instructed attendants at meetings to even count sleeping babies.


    “catching men [or, people] alive…now women count but not in WTS important positions such as elders, MS, COs, DOs, branch overseers

    Why is it that there are more men than women in the WTS?

    2 Today, men likewise show interest in

    the Scriptural message we preach and respond

    to it. (Matt. 5:3) However, many men

    hold back and fail to progress spiritually.

    How can we help them? Although Jesus did

    not develop a special ministry to seek out

    men, he certainly addressed issues that concerned

    the men of his day. Using his example,

    let us examine how we can help men

    deal with three common concerns today:

    (1)making a living, (2) fear of popular opinion,

    and (3) feelings of inadequacy.


    So when you went door to door as a jw, how many men did you talk to, how many became jws?

    “Jesus did not develop a special ministry to seek out men” but you will see that the WTS tells elders to concentrate on non-jw husbands of sisters, to ask to talk to the man if a woman comes to the door, that male jws talk to men at work…telling them basically only to try and save “drowning” men and to ignore the women.

    Making a Living

    3, 4. (a) What is a major concern for many men?

    (b)Why do some men put earning a living ahead of

    spiritual pursuits?

    3 “Teacher,” said a scribe to Jesus, “I will

    follow you wherever you are about to go.”

    However, when Jesus told him that “the Son

    of man has nowhere to lay down his head,”

    the scribe had second thoughts. The uncertainty

    of where his next meal would come from or

    where he would live apparently

    did not sit well with the scribe, for there is

    no indication that he became a follower of

    Christ.—Matt. 8:19, 20.


    APPARENTLY—the WTS adds to the bible and can read minds.

    So the bible records every person’s baptism?

    4 Men often put material security ahead of

    spiritual pursuits. Getting higher education

    and securing a well-paying job are priorities

    for many of them. According to their way of

    thinking, the reward of making money is

    more urgent and practical than any benefits

    that might come from studying the Scriptures

    and seeking a close relationship with

    God. What the Bible teaches may appeal to

    them, but “the anxieties of this system of

    things and the deceptive power of riches”

    choke whatever interest they may have.

    (Mark 4:18, 19) Consider how Jesus helped

    his disciples to adjust their priorities.


    So women sit at home and do church work…how many single women and single female parents have to be concerned about material security?

    THEIR WAY OF THINKING – according to whom….proof?

    5, 6. What helped Andrew, Peter, James, and John

    to adjust their priorities regarding sharing in the

    preaching work and making a living?

    5 Andrew and his brother Simon Peter

    were partners in a fishing business. So were

    John, his brother James, and their father,

    Zebedee. Business was good enough to require

    the help of hired men. (Mark 1:16-20)

    When Andrew and John first learned about

    Jesus from John the Baptizer, they were convinced

    that they had found the Messiah. Andrew

    shared the news with his brother Simon Peter,

    and perhaps John did so with his

    brother James. (John 1:29, 35-41) In the following

    months, all four spent time with Jesus

    as he preached in Galilee, Judea, and Samaria.

    Then the four disciples returned to

    the fishing business. They had an interest in

    spiritual matters, but the ministry was not

    their number one concern.


    “They had an interest in spiritual matters, but the ministry was not

    their number one concern”

    Maybe their wives and children were having to depend on their neighbors for food and shelter……………..

    1 Timothy 5:8 If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

    6 Some time later, Jesus invited Peter and

    Andrew to come after him and become

    “fishers of men.” How did the two respond?

    “At once abandoning the nets, they followed

    him.” It was the same with James and

    John. “At once leaving the boat and their father,

    they followed him.” (Matt. 4:18-22)

    What helped these men take up the full time

    ministry? Was it an emotional, spur-of the-

    moment decision? Hardly! Over the

    previous months, these men listened to Jesus,

    saw him perform miracles, observed his

    zeal for righteousness, and witnessed the

    amazing response to his preaching. As a result,

    their faith in Jehovah and their trust in

    him became stronger!


    They could abandon their nets because they had hired men to do their job and make money for their family, as well as their father was running the business…can married jws do the same?

    So what miracles to men see the WTS/FDS/GB doing?

    Does the WTS have an “amazing” response; what about Islam and LDS (Mormons)?

    7. How can we help Bible students to build trust in

    Jehovah’s ability to provide for his people?

    7 How can we imitate Jesus in helping our

    Bible students to build their trust in Jehovah?

    (Prov. 3:5, 6) The way we teach has a

    considerable bearing on this. When teaching,

    we can highlight God’s promise to bless

    us abundantly if we put Kingdom interests

    first. (Read Malachi 3:10; Matthew 6:33.)

    Although we can use various scriptures to

    emphasize how Jehovah provides for his

    people, not to be overlooked is the effect of

    the example we ourselves set. Sharing experiences

    from our own life can accomplish much in

    helping our students develop reliance

    on Jehovah. We can also share encouraging

    experiences that we read about in our


    *See Yearbooks of Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as life

    stories published in The Watchtower and Awake!


    Trust in God or trust in an organization

    “the way we teach” WTS read the paragraph, ask a programmed question, read the paragraph to answer

    CARROT: God’s promise to bless us (everlasting life) if we put “WTS” interest first

    Scriptures but set example…what examples do the elders set?

    Reliance on God or the WTS organization

    Experiences that cannot be confirmed and are known to be massaged and adjusted for assemblies/conventions.

    8. (a) Why is it important for a Bible student to

    “taste and see that Jehovah is good”? (b) How can

    we assist our student to experience Jehovah’s goodness


    8 Developing strong faith requires more

    than reading and hearing about how others

    have experienced Jehovah’s blessing. A Bible

    student also needs to experience Jehovah’s

    goodness personally. The psalmist

    sang: “Taste and see that Jehovah is good,

    O you people; happy is the able-bodied man

    that takes refuge in him.” (Ps. 34:8) How can

    we assist the student to see that Jehovah is

    good? Suppose a student who has financial

    worries is also trying to overcome a bad habit,

    such as smoking, gambling, or heavy

    drinking. (Prov. 23:20, 21; 2 Cor. 7:1; 1 Tim.

    6:10) Would not teaching the student to

    pray for God’s assistance in overcoming a

    bad habit help him to experience Jehovah’s

    goodness? Consider also what can happen

    when we encourage the student to give priority

    to spiritual things by making time for

    weekly Bible study and preparing for and attending

    Christian meetings. Why, as he personally

    experiences Jehovah’s blessing on

    his efforts, his faith will grow stronger!


    Requires more than reading and hearing……..experience personally….when a jw did you?

    Financial worries…so smoking, gambling, heavy drinking are the reasons why most people don’t have money? Perhaps it losing your job, both husband and wife, a serious health problem and insurance because you lost your job………..

    So should they quit their job…..will the “teacher” help them financially? Give them a ride?

    Do you make opportunities to reach men with the good news?

    Fear of Popular Opinion

    9, 10. (a) Why did Nicodemus

    and Joseph of Arimathea keep

    their interest in Jesus secret?

    (b)Why do some men today hesitate

    to follow Christ?

    9 Because of peer pressure, some men

    may hesitate to follow Christ fully. Nicodemus

    and Joseph of Arimathea kept their

    interest in Jesus secret because they were

    afraid of what other Jews might say or do if

    they found out. (John 3:1, 2; 19:38) This fear

    was not imaginary. The religious leaders’

    hatred for Jesus eventually became so great

    that anyone who confessed faith in him was

    expelled from the synagogue.—John 9:22.


    Nicodemus/Joseph of Arimathea….secret,,afraid of what other Jews might say or do; well remember they killed Jesus

    Expelled—has the jw told this person that he has to leave his church to be a jw…

    10 In some places today, if a man takes too

    much interest in God, the Bible, or religion,

    he may be harassed by his workmates,

    friends, or relatives. In other places, it may

    even be dangerous to talk about changing

    one’s religion. Peer pressure can be especially

    difficult when a man is actively serving in the military, in politics, or

    in the local community. For example, a man in Germany admitted:

    “What you Witnesses preach about the Bible is true. But if I became a

    Witness today, by tomorrow everyone would know about

    it. What would they think at work, in the neighborhood,

    and at the club my family and I belong to? I could not put up with



    Harassed…never seen here unless they try to make conversions or say their righteousness is better, or attack other people’s lifestyles, say they are doomed to hell. MAY BE OR WILL BE HARASSED; aren’t they told if they aren’t persecuted, they aren’t true Christians, aren’t worshipping correctly?

    *** w90 1/1 p.12 par.8***

    While it is true that Jehovah’s Witnesses are hated and opposed in all the nations of the earth, this is in fulfillment of what was foretold to be an identifying mark of genuine worshipers of the one living and true God. (John 15:20, 21; 2 Timothy 3:12).

    Are Jehovah’s witnesses the only religion that is persecuted. Look at this website which has current news of religious persecution and it is not all about jws.

    So how many men did you call on that were in the military or politics. Many secular jobs here are organizations to help people (I see no problem with that).

    How many jws stay in the WTS organization because of fear of shunning?

    11. How did Jesus help his disciples to cope with

    fear of man?

    11 Although none of Jesus’ apostles were

    cowards, they all struggled with fear of man.

    (Mark 14:50, 66-72) How did Jesus help

    them to progress despite intense pressure

    from their peers? Jesus took steps to prepare

    his disciples for the opposition they would

    later face. “Happy are you whenever men

    hate you,” he said, “and whenever they exclude

    you and reproach you and cast out

    your name as wicked for the sake of the Son

    of man.” (Luke 6:22) Jesus warned his followers

    that they should expect reproach.

    Any reproach was “for the sake of the Son of

    man.” Jesus also assured them that God

    would back them up as long as they relied

    on Him for help and strength. (Luke 12:4-12)

    Moreover, Jesus invited new ones to associate

    freely with his disciples and make

    friends with them.—Mark 10:29, 30.


    Expect reproach for doing the kind, loving thing only happens to jws?

    Did you realize that the WTS and the elders feel caution is necessary around jws even if they are “studying”?

    12. In what ways can we help new ones to overcome

    fear of man?

    12 We too need to assist Bible students to

    overcome fear of man. A challenge is often

    easier to face when it is anticipated. (John

    15:19) For instance, why not help the student

    to prepare simple, reasonable, Bible based

    replies to the questions and objections

    his fellow employees and others may

    bring up? In addition to our being his personal

    friend, we can introduce him to other

    members of the congregation, especially

    those with whom he might have something

    uncommon. Above all, we should teach him

    to pray regularly and from the heart. This

    can help him to draw close to God and make

    Jehovah his Refuge and Rock.—Read Psalm

    94:21-23; James 4:8.


    If jws encourage these people to leave behind their family and friends and neighbors or workmates, do they become their friend; do they socialize with them or only expect them to attend all the meetings and socialize there and at the one a week “bible” study? And after they are baptized, the love bombing ends because the jw can no longer “count their time”?

    Can jws give “simple, reasonable, Bible based replies” to these questions or is it “I’m a Jehovah’s witness” or “my religion forbids it”?

    So how will they be a “personal” friend apart from the one hour a week discussing WTS teachings from a WT book occasionally reading a scripture that may or may not in context fit the situation?

    I remember one elder’s approach was to get to know everything about a sport a non-jw husband liked, or educate themselves about fishing to draw them into a bible study. I remember one husband asking me if it was that time in the year that the elders showed some attention to non-jws…I had to laugh because it was pre-Memorial time and the KM had encouraged them to reach out to non-jw husbands. No dummy this non-jw husband.

    In November 2010 KM, there was a campaign:

    *** km 11/10 p.5***

    Do some publishers in your congregation have an unbelieving husband or wife? If so, no doubt these publishers desire that their mate join them in true worship. But they are not the only ones. The entire congregation mirrors God’s desire that “all sorts of men should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.” (1 Tim. 2:4) How may we reach out to the unbelieving mates of publishers in our congregation?

    How can you prepare your Bible student to face trials?

    Feelings of Inadequacy

    13. How can feelings of inadequacy hold some

    back from getting involved in spiritual matters?

    13 Certain men hold back from getting involved

    in spiritual matters because they do

    not read well or cannot express themselves

    fluently or are just shy. Some men are uncomfortable

    sharing their views or feelings

    in a public setting. The thought of having to

    study, comment at Christian meetings, or

    share their faith with others may seem overwhelming

    to them. “When I was young,”

    admits a Christian brother, “Would quickly

    walk up to the door, pretend to ring the

    doorbell, and quietly walk away, hoping no

    one would hear or see me. . . . The thought

    of going from door to door made me physically



    How many men fit these categories….some proof that it is not a minority?

    What about men that are already jws but “don’t reach out” how did they every get baptized? I’ve known of several that were appointed MS and could not read or write and it was their native language.

    Why are they sending someone out that is young by themselves????????????????

    How are these men going to becomes those taking the lead if they lack courage?

    14. Why could Jesus’ disciples not heal a demon possessed


    14 Think of the lack of confidence Jesus’

    disciples must have experienced when they

    could not heal a demon-possessed boy. The

    son’s father came to Jesus and said: “[My

    son] is an epileptic and is ill, for he falls often

    into the fire and often into the water;

    and I brought him to your disciples, but

    they could not cure him.” Jesus expelled the

    demon, thus curing the boy. The disciples

    later approached Jesus and asked: “Why is it

    we could not expel it?” Jesus answered: “Because

    of your little faith. For truly I say to

    you, If you have faith the size of a mustard

    grain, you will say to this mountain, ‘Transfer

    from here to there,’ and it will transfer,

    and nothing will be impossible for you.”

    (Matt. 17:14-20) Faith in Jehovah is needed

    in order to overcome mountainlike obstacles.

    What happens if a person loses sight of

    this and begins to focus on his own abilities?

    Failure to succeed will result in a lack of



    So jws today expect to be able to heal a demon-possessed boy? Does even an elder or a CO think they have that ability?

    15, 16. How may we be able to help a Bible student

    to overcome feelings of inadequacy?

    15 A fine way to help someone struggling

    with feelings of inadequacy is to encourage

    him to focus on Jehovah instead of on himself.

    Peter wrote: “Humble yourselves . . . under

    the mighty hand of God, that he may

    exalt you in due time; while you throw all

    your anxiety upon him.” (1 Pet. 5:6, 7) This

    requires that we help our Bible student to

    develop spirituality. A spiritually inclined

    person keenly values spiritual things. He

    loves God’s Word and manifests “the fruitage

    of the spirit” in his life. (Gal. 5:22, 23)

    He is a man of prayer. (Phil. 4:6, 7) Moreover,

    he looks to God for the courage and

    strength needed to face any situation or to

    fulfill any assignment successfully.—Read

    2 Timothy 1:7,8.


    Why is there no focus on Jesus? Why not look to Jesus for courage or strength?

    16 Some students may also need practical

    assistance with their reading, conversation,

    or speaking abilities. Others may feel unworthy

    of serving God because of the bad

    acts they committed before coming to know

    Jehovah. In either case, our loving, patient

    assistance may be just what they need. “Persons

    in health do not need a physician,”

    said Jesus, “but the ailing do.”—Matt. 9:12.


    Is the average jw qualified to teach reading; being able to read does not make one a teacher. How many jws know how to have a conversation or have speaking abilities, remember the talks at your old KH?

    Feel unworthy; how many jws have continued to feel unworthy for years, being told to DO MORE and their FULL share (as judged by the WTS)?

    ‘Catch’ More Men

    17, 18. (a) How might we reach out to more men

    in our ministry? (b)What will we study next?

    17 It is our desire that many more men will

    respond to the deeply satisfying message

    that is found only in the Bible. (2 Tim. 3:16,

    17) So how can we reach out to more men in

    our ministry? By spending more time witnessing

    in the evenings, on weekend afternoons,

    or during holidays when more men

    are at home. We can ask to speak with the

    man of the house when possible. Let us witness

    informally to male workmates when

    appropriate and reach out to unbelieving

    husbands in the congregation.


    All the barriers the WTS gives regarding men are true of all people. The fact is that most of the door to door is done by women, who rightly so feel a reluctance to make a friend of someone else’s husband and try to turn the call over the a brother, an elder. How many follow through, how many men at the KH actually go door to door or return to call on someone who seems “interested.”

    How many brothers ask to speak to the man of the house….assuming the brothers go door to door much? One elder did reach out to a sister’s husband by helping him build a fence, hiding behind that to pretend personal interest. That husband said he played along because it was a great way to get his fence built….but it did not lead to his becoming a jw.

    In many congregations in this area, evening witnessing is no more. Only the elder/MS assigned to the holidays shows up and leaves after arranging the groups. And unbelieving husbands know what the games is.

    18 As we preach to everyone we meet, we

    can be confident that those with appreciative

    hearts will respond favorably. Let us patiently

    help all who show a sincere interest

    in the truth. How, though, can we help baptized

    men in the congregation to reach out

    and qualify for responsibility in God’s organization?

    The next article will address this



    Help baptized men….by appointing non-readers to be MS? Or try and figure out why there are 8 ex-elders who have stepped down compared to 5 active elders in a congregation, or congregations that have to bring elders over from another congregation or another state?

    Because the ex-elders are tired of the emotional and spiritual abuse from the other elders, the CO, and other WTS representatives. They know they don’t need to be elders to have everlasting life just as the rank and file know they do not have to bring any one into the organization to live forever on a paradise earth.

    How Would You Answer?

    How can men be helped to give

    spiritual pursuits priority?

    How can we help new ones to cope

    with peer pressure?

    What may help some to overcome

    feelings of inadequacy


    TRAIN OTHERS TO REACH OUT, next week. How many young men are staying with the WTS after they turn 18? How many are MS and possible elders? How many MS have turned down the “privilege” to be an elder, for years? As older elders die off, and new ones don’t come in (as the end does draw near), will there be new light to use sisters? In the 50’s and 60’s many congregations consisted only of women who handle the chores in the congregation. Is that what the future holds?

    Love, Blondie

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Does the word "subterfuge" come in here anywhere?

    How about my word "bullshit detector?"

    Non-JW's are no fools, for the most part, about seeing where the interest in them is really leading.

    I think it's a complete lie and misrepresentation of one's self to show interest in the person and his interests just to lure him into a religion.

    It's so misleading! It's disgusting!

    Immoral, maybe?


    OMG, I just realized that they are players much like sexual preditors and people who lure others in for only one thing.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Thanks for the review BLONDIE. This false dilemma gets under my skin every time I see it:

    "4 Men often put material security ahead of

    spiritual pursuits. Getting higher education

    and securing a well-paying job are priorities

    for many of them. According to their way of

    thinking, the reward of making money is

    more urgent and practical than any benefits

    that might come from studying the Scriptures. . ."

    First off I will speak to the writers from my gut: GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

    Next I will speak from reason: Evidently, you have already "fucked yourselves" by discouraging higher education for decades. Firstly, you scare smart, "qualified"people away with your anti-college cultspeak. Secondly, How are those donations doing from all those minimum wage earners and third-world countries? Not so great, eh?

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind


    Again a superb job of commenting on the WT study. The last congregation TotallyADD and I attended the WT conductor was a semi-literate man. Yes, he could read the words, but there was little comprehension. More teaching was done by those who answered the questions, including sisters. I must add the conductor was a very loving person who cared for many children who were not his own. But my point is he was not qualified to be in a teaching position, let alone an elder.

    I remember many times when in the car group with an elder, we, mostly sisters, would be dropped off to work the streets while the elder would drive around the territory because there was no place to park. Or he might do a return visit while we worked door to door in the Florida summer heat.

    TotallyAdd stepped down as the presiding overseer, then stepped down as an elder. One of our sons has completely left the organization and the other one while attending for family reasons will not be reaching out. He is biding his time to get his family out.

    Reopened Mind

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Par 2: "Today, men likewise show interest in the Scriptural message we preach and respond to it. (Matt. 5:3) However, many men hold back and fail to progress spiritually."

    The reason many most men hold back and fail to "progress spiritually" is because they are turned off by the (1) unscriptural no-blood transfusion teaching; (2) the disfellowshipping and shunning practices; (3) the anti-higher education thinking; (4) the keep your children out of sports mentality; (5) the JW haughty and judgmental attitude and too numerous other anti this and anti that mindset of JW world.

    Who in his right mind wouldn't hold back?

  • truthlover

    A couple of questions hit me when this lesson was being presented:

    1) OK, going door to door - a sister or two are set to do a presentation - the wife/partner answers - the sister asked to speak with the husband -- kind of a turn off for te wife/mate in this gender equality world we live in -- then if he is not home, she wants to know why you cant speak to her and why do you want him??? Does not look to respectful in her eyes.

    2) So now the man, men are flocking into the congregations.(sarcastic)... the reason for this article is that the cong males young and older are not reaching out for "POSITIONS" anymore - like the priests they talk about so much as having serious issues, the males in the congregations are no better. Now the new guys have to go thru a waiting period and that now is about a year for a newly converted male -remember several months ago a lesson stating this fact..... hummm I smell a rat.. we are going to get these newly baptized young squirts to tell the congregations of older age what to do!! Oh my Gawd.....

    This lesson turned me OFF!

  • kazar

    Thanks, Blondie!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Yes, Truthlover, that gender favoring really stood out to me, too.

    I mean, imagine a stranger coming to your home all dressed up like a business-person or politician and asking if he could speak to the male head of the house.

    Huge turn off right there for both of them, I expect.

    Well, I should be happy that they are slowly hanging themselves with these dated practices that offend so many.

    Thanks for the review, Blondie!

  • i_drank_the_wine

    Why is it that women seem to get sucked into the JW's more than men? They are obviously having trouble finding dudes that don't have mile long judicial "rap-sheets". I hope this cult dies hard some day.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Par 4: "Men often put material security ahead of spiritual pursuits. Getting higher education and securing a well-paying job are priorities for many of them."

    So what is wrong with that?

    Men of this sort have a good reason to think this way. Notice what 1Tim 5:8 expects from a spiritual man..."Certainly if anyone does not provide for those who are his own, and especially for those who are members of his household, he has disowned the faith and is worse than a person without faith."

    Many Most Elders and Ministerial Servants can take a lesson from 'worldly' men on how best to provide for their family. I know many a 'worldly' man who has struck a good balance between spiritual and secular pursuits which includes spending quality time with their family in fun and recreation. Todays article paints men outside JW world as flaky and unbalanced when it comes to spiritual things when all along its' JW men themselves (Elders and MSs) that need help!

    Thank you Blondie.

  • ziddina

    Thanks for posting this, Blondie, but this:

    "Why is it that there are more men than women in the WTS? ...."

    Has me scratching my head...

    I observed the exact opposite among the Jehovah's Witnesses...

  • ziddina

    Okay, paragraph 10 is especially hypocritical and mealy-mouthed...

    "In some places today, if a man takes too much interest in God, the bible, or religion, he may be harassed by his workmates, friends or relatives. In other places, it may even be dangerous to talk about changing one's religion..."

    Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...

    Like in your local kingdom hall....

    OOOOOOOO, and there's a goody in paragraph 12...

    "...why not help the student to prepare simple, reasonable, Bible based replies to the questions and objections his fellow employees and others may bring up? In addition to our being his personal friend, ..."

    But ONLY as long as they obey the Watchtower Corporation and its edicts... Otherwise, that "friendship" will evaporate like a sno-cone dropped on the sidewalk in Dallas, Texas on the Fourth of July...

  • blondie

    Why is it that there are more men than women in the WTS?

    typo: should be Why is it that there are more women than men in the WTS?

    I guess a spell check doesn't something like that.

    More women, because women do the bulk of the d2d and women are more likely to answer the door.

  • ziddina


    Thanks, Blondie!!! Now I don't feel confuzzzled!!!

  • Listener

    In the pre donation days paying special pioneers full time to sell publications made sense, their investment would be returned to them tenfold but no such provisions were ever made for elders. Instead their idea was to have a number of elders to share the load.

    The org says not to place work as a high priority and God will provide but where are they in this picture? Elders need to support their family and if the org carried out God's work by providing to the elders they might be more successful in retaining them.

  • watson

    Re Opened Mind, the brothers are not supposed to teach while conducting the Watchtower anymore. Just read the questions, and repeat this:

    "Are there any other comments?"

    My opinion on today's study was that it was meant for the "brothers" already attending the meetings. A subtle way to appeal to our egos, get us off our ASSes. Look at the position we have put the org in now. They have to go out and recruit men just so they can opertate the congregation.

    Will probably work on some.

  • ziddina

    Oh, and Blondie???

    For you!

    I see flowere like these along the trails in our area...

  • forever scarred
    forever scarred

    ziddina....LOVE your comments! LOL

  • Quarterback

    Well, single sisters. This one was for you. The society is showing us how to bring in fresh men to marry you.

    Your patience is well awarded, because this one article is going to make a difference.

    Thanks, Blondie.

  • garyneal
    4 Men often put material security ahead of spiritual pursuits. Getting higher education and securing a well-paying job are priorities for many of them.

    This will always baffle me, the way they portray men trying to earn a decent living for their families this way. But really, where are the JW youth centers in the colleges? Why don't they point out any witnesses who are doctors that specialize in bloodless therapies at their assemblies? Always the young man or woman who turns down a promising future to piosneer and work as a janitor and/or a window washer.

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