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  • d0rkyd00d

    I have come back from a 10 year haitus with a renewed vigor, but I'm too short on time now to explain. When I first posted here, I was a sophomore in high's hilarious to look back at my 2002 posts and see how much I've changed and grown! Anywho, let me dig right in, from page 30....

    "One way we can benefit from Jehovah’s loving direction is through personal study. By means of the publications of the faithful and discreet slave class, Jehovah provides a wealth of Scriptural counsel. (Matt. 24:45) To benefit from it, however, we must take the time to study it and apply what we learn. Personal study is one means by which Jehovah can “guard [us] from stumbling.” (Jude 24) Have you ever studied something in our literature that seems to have been written just for you? Accept the correction as coming from Jehovah. Just as a friend might tap you on the shoulder to bring something to your attention,Jehovah can use his spirit to draw your attention to an aspect of your conduct or personality that you—and no doubt many others like you—need to improve. By being sensitive to the leadings of the spirit, we allow Jehovah to guide our steps. "

    (Read Psalm 139:23, 24.)

    So where do we assume it's coming from when it's blatantly wrong?

  • LostGeneration

    Well, since the logical conclusion is that the literature comes from Jehovah, I wonder what he was thinking when wrote this:

    If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things… .all evidence in fulfillment of Bible prophecy indicates that this corrupt system is due to end in a few years… as a young person you will never fulfill any career that this system offers. If you are in high school and thinking about a college education, it means at least four, perhaps even six or eight more years to graduate into a specialized career. But where will this system of things be by that time? It will be well on the way toward its finish, if not actually gone!
    -- Awake, 5/22/1969, pg15

  • ziddina


    SLAP that first post!!

    (Maybe use the "HTML" function, and remove the <span> commands??? )

  • DaCheech

    everknowing and everliving god?

  • Listener

    They seem to be spending more time in their articles telling readers to accept what they say rather than providing new pearls of wisdom.

  • 3rdgen

    Thanks for that gem LG. I was a teenager when that article was written. It makes me sick that it took me soooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooog to wake up!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Oops, a couple errors to correct here:

    AcExcept the correction as isn't coming from Jehovah.

    There, that's better.

    And welcome back, d00d! I hope you haven't spent the last decade pioneering or in Bethel.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    So the only difference between jerkovah and the psychic friends network is the paper the fortune is typed on? What about this? If he can see into a persons future for example, and finds a problem, let's sayyyyy.......something has to be done about Marty's kids. Now, before Marty reads a WT publication (in three months) that would've had something "tailored just for him" he'll eat at a Chinese restaurant or pick up one of those Magic 8 Balls off a co-workers desk. The line must be drawn what does god do? Send the message via things that the borg link to spiritism but would be in time for a decision to be made influenced by the message that would help Marty's kids or wait til it gets heavy when nothing can be done but console Marty after the fact while he's sitting in a chair playing guitar............badly?

  • mauiboy

    OMG....I remember reading that too.....I was 2 years married and wanted to pursue broadcast journalism. Tossed that dream with any others down the old flusher, and now I'm 62 and doing OK, but just by the grace of hardwork and conservative living. Wonder where I'd have been if I'd have gone to school and learned something actually useful......geezz.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    mauiboy it's stories like yours that really gets to me. They have no hope. Just dirt poor. I'm glad u did something. I hoped it snapped early enough to get some retirement together.

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