Israelities so easily influenced by foreign Gods, Why.

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    marking...great thread

    Randy...I think I just had a deja vu moment reading your post above

  • Dogpatch

    Deja vu?

    Please illuminate us

  • transhuman68
    So why do I believe in Jesus as my Lord?

    I know I'm going to regret this, LOL, but someone has to ask the question.... why?

  • garyneal
    Let's see if you can figure it out.

    Okay Randy, I will bite...

    Pascal's Wager?

  • still thinking
  • Dogpatch

    Close, Gary Neal:

    Pascal's Wager (also known as Pascal's Gambit) is a suggestion posed by the Frenchphilosopher, mathematician, and physicistBlaise Pascal that since the existence of God can not be proved (or disproved) through reason, but since in his view there was much to be gained from wagering that God exists (and little to be gained from wagering that God doesn't exist), a rational person should simply wager that God exists (and live accordingly).

    Following his argument establishing the Wager, Pascal addressed the fact that many rational people (in spite of being able to reason advantages) will have difficulty genuinely believing in God. He thus proscribed one to live "as though he had faith" and postulated that (like Tolstoy in his autobiographical "A Confession"), this might help to subvert their contrary passions and lead to more genuine belief.

    Historically, Pascal's Wager was groundbreaking because it charted new territory in probability theory, marked the first formal use of decision theory, and anticipated future philosophies such as existentialism, pragmatism, and voluntarism. [ 1 ]

    Pascal formulated his suggestion within a Christian framework, and set it out in 'note 233' of his Pensées, a posthumously published collection of notes made in his last years forming a treatise on Christian apologetics.

    but not quite it.

    Wikipedia is source

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  • shepherd

    @ Mebaqqer2 thank you for the posts. They were very informative - I have always wondered about Dan 10 and Jude 1 and why various angels/gods would be fighting amongst themselves as if they were princes over particular peoples. Your well researched explanation helped me a lot.

    Sometimes I read so much dross and see so much uneducated bickering in this forum I want to leave and never return, then your posts (and previously many from Leolaia) completely change my mind. I just need to skim past the crap better, without getting sucked into it.

    Thank you, both.

  • stillajwexelder

    putting it crudely - Israelites were easily influenced by the most powerful force in nature "PUSSY"

  • RubaDub

    Yes, Stilla said it correctly ...

    I will quote him, "PUSSY".

    Then, of course, there are the free give-aways, meals, trips, dinners and the opportunity to rub elbows with some well-known people at that time. The Israelities were probably too cheap to think about what really motivates people.

    Rub a Dub

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