Going back to a Kingdom Hall

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  • hotspur

    To all those leaving the cult that it is... revisit your youthful dreams! It is the most liberating experience and gives credibility to your exit.

  • WTWizard

    I like seeing Kingdumb Hells turned into useful buildings. Like one that got turned into a Baptist church. Another one got turned into a dentist's office.

    Trouble is, too many new ones are being constructed. Every time one is reappropriated for something worthwhile, they waste the money on another one. They loan out, at interest, money to build another Kingdumb Hell. When the existing one is sold, the money goes back to the Washtowel Slaveholdery instead of the congregation(s) account. We had one built, and not one toilet paper of the proceeds went into the congregation fund. Instead, it was used toward building another one--and invariably, money was still owed to the Washtowel. They get that mortgage paid off, and then they sell the building and build yet another Kingdumb Hell somewhere else. Meanwhile, the existing Kingdumb Hell gets used for something else while another building is built to be wasted on crap.

    Now, if only they would end up having to sell 90% of the Kingdumb and A$$embly Hells, and not be able to build replacements, then we might see better use of the land. Including using some of them to start businesses, build houses, and even practice real music in.

  • wobble

    At least that old K.H is now getting some real ,decent music played in it ! not those old mind-control dirges they call "Kingdom Songs", what sort of Kingdom are they all about, the Kingdom of the Tone-Deaf ?

    Well done Hotspur,in Yorkshire accent " Tha' can't beat t' sound of a good brass band, Brig'ouse and Rastrick were wonderful !"

  • Quandry

    Great....at least now you will leave the KHall refreshed and revitalized!

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Trent Reznor recorded the Downward Spiral in an Old Kingdom Hall............................

    Or was it a Funeral Home??.......Or Sharon Tates's House.....

    What ever it was it was scary!!!!

  • hotspur

    Well, I attended my first rehearsal... I have to say - it was weird! Despite the fact that it contained all the parapernalia of it's Band usage you could tell it was once a Kingdom Hall. I did shudder!

  • sizemik

    Nice thread . . .

    There's a kind of synergy here . . . both you and the hall are doing something far more worthwhile.

  • hotspur

    It may be smile to think of the genres of music being played in there too... enough to make that Evil Judge turn in his grave - and long may he rotate!

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