Incredible document on the Watchtower and cognitive dissonance

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    Marking to be read very soon!

    Sabastious, thanks for posting this

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    BUMP!! Again!!

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    Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu

    Very nice opening post

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    A recommended read. Slight correction on 1975:

    The numbers did not climb after 1975, but started to decline one year after. It apparently took a few month to sink in, that this was a total failure, and not a miscalculation by a few weeks, or something that should be glossed over,. -- or strengthen the faith.??

    Possibly many, included us, were in total denial, stubbornly not admitting to ourselves, and to others that we had been had, and kept going.- sort of.

    Will the next generation act like that too, when the overlapping generation peters out, past 2075 ?

  • biblexaminer

    I don't know that everyone in dubland can be helped to see the light, but I know how I have helped some.

    In a one-on-one situation, I have helped get some out. But that is not always possible.

    What has otherwise proven effective is a carefully crafted letter sent to a dub in the mail.

    As brought out in the OP with the article quoting Watchtower counsel, dubs don't read that stuff. Yep, I get that. After 50 years in the cult, I understand that.

    .... unless you carefully craft it and send it to all their neighbors too. And when I say "carefully craft it" I mean construct it with their neighbors as the audience, and craft it so that when the dub opens it, they understand right off that this was sent to their whole neighborhood.

    They'll read it.

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    Just as an aside, the opening poster - Sebastious looks similar to a Youtuber - exjwphilosophy. I may well be wrong and someone might confirm.

    Even if he is not, the Youtube Chanel has some excellent videos, I only recently found this Chanel and the presenter is a lovely, intelligent gentleman.

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